5.1 surround setup lost connection with play 1 and sub

  • 2 August 2020
  • 7 replies

Having a reoccurring issue with my playbar/sub/play1 5.1 setup.  Had the system for 4 years with no issues but over the last year I’ve had ongoing issues with the setup not appearing in the app or speakers just disconnecting.  Today I lost connection with both play1’s and the sub.  Have tried setting up and searching for the speakers multiple times both with WiFi and wired network connection but either speakers aren’t detected or the setup fails!

Any ideas??  

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7 replies

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Hi @samks80, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

We would like to take a look at a diagnostic of the system.

Please take a diagnostic in the Sonos app and reply with the confirmation. Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic.

This will give us data on the wireless condition of the environment near the speakers. 

We would also like to know any changes made on your network, the model of your router, the model of other network devices, and how they’re connected.

This is so that we can check for any known issues with the network devices.

Also, since the speakers are assigned as surrounds. It not advisable to use them for a wired configuration.  We could wire the master speaker, the Playbar.

Update us with the confirmation and we’ll take a look.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

the diagnostics number is 396564048.

Over the last hour when I’ve checked the app the sub and the surrounds seem to be connecting and disconnecting randomly.  When I try to configure the speakers it’s unsuccessful.  The playbar is wired to the router but everything else is on WiFi.

The router is an AT&T gateway BGW210.


The system frequently (every couple of days, sometimes more) randomly looses connection with the TV and goes into standby.  The only way I can get it back online is to power off/on the playbar.  
The system is also rarely visible on the Sonos app (even when it’s working)… this seems to have improved with the new app but still spotty.



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Hi @samks80, thank you for the update and sorry for the late response.

I checked the diagnostic, yes the Play:1(right surround) and sub are missing and we don’t have issues with the gateway.

Let’s try removing surrounds and sub from the Playbar and re-add them back to the Playbar.

If you’re still having issues, take another diagnostic of the system. 

We could also check for wireless interference as I also see this in the diagnostic.

Update us with your findings.

Hi.  Was able to remove the sub and surrounds but then couldn’t add them back again.  Trying adding both a couple of times but get error each time.  New diagnostic confirmation 1112766291.

The only other wireless item I have nearby is an amazon firestick. 


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Hi @samks80, thank you for the update and sorry for the late response.

In the diagnostic, the speakers are still missing.

I would like to know the LED light the missing speakers are showing. It will tell us the status of the speakers.

If the LED is solid white or no light, press the play/pause button on the Play:1 and the Join Button on the Sub.

What LED light shows up after pressing. If flashing amber, speakers are responding well.

I would recommend to Reset your Play:1s and Sub. Once they’re flashing green, go to Settings > System > Add Product.

I do recommend starting with the Sub and then add the Sub back to the Playbar then reset the Play:1s.

You can add Sub or Surrounds in Settings > System > Playbar’s Room Assignment > Add Surround or Add Sub.

Update us with your findings.

Hi Kyle 

back again. So I tried the steps you suggested and I didn’t have any luck… system either wouldn’t detect speakers or would complete the setup.  A day or two later I noticed that the surrounds were working again and checked the app to find everything was back online and configured.  Happy days.  Everything was fine for about 2 weeks and then yesterday went to switch the tv on and same problem as normal… no sound from any speakers, and then system goes into standby with green lights on all the speakers.  I unplugged the playbar and started it up again and back to square one… only playbar working with no sub or speakers.  Tried adding / configuring speakers in the app but same problem again (either no speakers detected or can’t finish the configuration)…. literally as I’m writing this all the speakers have come back on line again on their own??


In response to your question, all speakers have solid white LED and flashes amber when I press the play / pause button.

What could be causing the system to stop responding or for speakers to be randomly dropping off an coming back on again?  I have a play 1 in the kitchen and have zero issues with that… it’s always visible on the Sonos app and always accessible to play.


ran another diagnostic Incase you need it 1670166900




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Hi @samks80, thank you for the update.

I checked the diagnostic, it was a snapshot of the system having issues before the surround comes back online.

The Playbar is having wireless interference, it’s not affecting the kitchen’s 2.4 GHz connection through SonosNet with the Playbar.

However, it is affecting the 5 GHz connection of the Surround and Sub speakers to the Playbar.

This 5 GHz is coming directly from the Playbar to connect the Surround and Sub speakers.

The 5 GHz signal is mainly used to have faster communication between the Master Speaker(Playbar), Surround(Play:1s), and Sub.

Check for anything near the Playbar that can cause interference. 

Update us with your findings and take another diagnostic if you made changes.