3 Sonos systems broken

  • 21 May 2017
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Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can help as no-one has been able to so far. I have a personal training studio with two sonos systems set up at opposite corners of the room. In one corner the sonos has started to have muffled sound then completely went off and broken 3 times, each time has been within the warranty and I have received a replacement but it has happened again. It's still within the warranty but I hate to keep 'wasting' these speakers as surely this isn't a coincidence. The shop where I bought them from couldn't help either.
The system is plugged into an extension lead but nothing else that has been plugged in there has ever broken and nothing else plugged into the socket on the wall has either. Please advise!?

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6 replies

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Hi rebeccahaw7

Welcome to the Sonos community.

I am sorry to hear about you troubles. All Sonos speakers are really small computers and need to be treated like a computer. I would recommend that you add a good quality UPS to each speaker. I would suspect that you have some sort of AC power supply issue. A surge protector might do it as well but a UPS will "condition" the power more and protect your speakers. You may be able to have one UPS and supply all the speakers in that end of the shop, I cannot say as I do not know the layout. One more thought, there is no chance they are getting wet?
I think CapnLes is onto something. Have an electrician come out. Are they plugged into a surge protector? How new is your building? Depending on how new it is, a surge protector may not be needed. Are they getting wet? I mean really wet. Not just a few drops. My Nalgene has spilled a bit on mine and it still works fine. Otherwise, please send yours back to be replaced.
Thanks CapnLes and LaurenS1984, the speakers aren't getting a wet and the building has been renovated, I think the electrics are new but I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I'll try what you both suggest and see if that helps, really appreciate your help I had run out of things to try! 😳
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"renovated" All it would take is a screw in to the wires from the dry wall to cause a problem. Are you 220 V or 110 V? Could be that something on that circuit is getting a ground fault from time to time. Call your electrician and tell him/her what is going on and that these speakers are computers and need to have "clean" electric supply. I would still get a UPS for each speaker. UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply, they come in all sizes and prices you do not need a very big one. If you have any other computers in your store I would get them covered as well.
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Personal Training Studio? A commercial studio ?? The fact that the speaker went muffled to me implied that the tweeter blew out from overdriving it. Possible on most all speakers; I'm not sure if its possible or not with Sonos. I think while others are jumping on the clean power bandwagon, I would almost never consider the need for Sonos to need a UPS, unless there were AC units or compressors shutting down Sonos when starting during a heat wave brownout. Lets hear from Sonos on this one. Personally for a training studio I'd suggest the power of a Connect Amp or a Connect with a good power amp in the 75+ watts per channel driving a pair of 8-10" 2-way speakers.
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Maybe a UPS would be overkill but a top of the line surge suppressor like a Tripp Lite Isobar (see Amazon for examples) might do the job. The two outlet ones aren't great but the 4 to 8 outlet ones are pretty good.

Don't bother with junk quality surge suppressors.