2019 Iphone lock screen control issues

  • 5 June 2019
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So last time I updated the Sonos app on my iPhone (May 2019?) I got a warning that lock screen controls won’t work. They were right, neither can I change the volume when in the app using the iPhone vol buttons.
Ive been through the disable airplay everywhere to get lock screen controls to work a year or so ago, no problem with that as I don’t use AirPlay.
The problem is everything seems to still say that will solve the problem, but I haven’t added anything that uses airplay and it doesn’t work.
I think the only airplay item I have that it needs disabling on would be sky Q, don’t have Apple TV.
Please help, I use my Sonos all the time, having to unlock my phone and open the app to change the volume is the most serious of first world problems.

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