2 years of constant FAILED to Connect, FAILED to find speakers

  • 13 January 2021
  • 3 replies

Beyond annoyed with Sonos products. Sound quality is fine, but lets be real, the app is fair and the tech is abysmal. Works one day, and the next minute fails to find and have to set up everything yet again. 


Please, do yourself a favor, do not buy these products. 

3 replies

Eight years of worry free music and TV speakers, across 18 devices. 

Do yourself a favor, and purchase these speakers. They are, however, only as good as the network they live on.  If there are issues in your local network, there will be issues with these speakers. Fortunately, both Sonos and this community of users can help resolve almost any issue, given the opportunity. 

The tech is fine. Your network most probably isn’t. 

If you want help you’d have to describe your setup in more detail, or submit a diagnostic and post the confirmation number.

I disagree. Expert installed, now tested on different networks, same results. Pure joke relative to other products and non comparable like Nest and Ring which are never failing. 


Just venting, have had enough with this.