2 Play:5 Gen 1 with BOOST keeps cutting out

  • 10 December 2017
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I was gifted a set of Play:5 (Gen 1) and a BOOST from my dad and it just keeps cutting out. I know there's no latency on my network so these error messages make 0 sense and seem extremely generic. I'm running a dual band WiFi modem/router (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and have the SONOS on channel 11, while my actual WiFi runs on channel 6. At the time of this happening, we literally had nothing more than 2 cell phones on the network - every other device was turned off, and all they were doing was browsing Facebook. I've got 5 bars of signal everywhere in my home thanks to repeaters (2740 sq ft, 2 story) so signal can't be an issue either. I've ran wireshark packet captures and done latency and jitter testing on my internal network and haven't found any issues whatsoever. This was all while trying to stream Pandora to the speakers...trying to push music from my MacBook Pro running High Sierra fails with a 1002 error which also makes no sense.

Starting to think I was gifted this because the whole system is just failing...I've done full resets of every device too, including my modem/router and still no luck. Was this generation just full of bugs?

Diagnostic 8199197

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