14.8 update and cut outs - Iphone and Unifi system

  • 26 May 2022
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A bit annoyed when I went to use my system and the audio started to cut in/out and then the app couldn’t connect to the device to pause or lower the volume with the audio going in and out. Not a pleasant situation which has continued on for a few days now and has the left the system unusable!

This possibly started with the 14.8 update. We use the system regularly and that seems to be the trigger. We’ve had the system for ~5years, so nothing is new (3 Ones, 1 Five, and 1 Amp). It’s on a Unifi network (USG,Switch, (1) AP) which shows no sign of issue or the devices connected (signals fine, traffic fine). The cutting appears to be from all audio sources (Sonos Radio, Apple, Amazon) and even occurs with airplay. Seems like the issue is on the device.

I switched over to Sonos from Slim devices about ~5yrs ago, and have been using these streaming systems since Slim first came around. So I understand the ups/downs due to the complexity and dependencies, but this is the first time I’m starting to loose some faith in Sonos. It’s quite disappointing to spend so much on a product and not have the dependability.

Is this the future to come with branching out to wireless surround sound and their own voice control? Is anyone else having this issue with 14.8?


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Hi @n8ST 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Although I can’t rule anything out completely, it seems likely that it was the reboot of your Sonos system after the software update that caused these problems for you, and not any changes made to the software itself.

From your description of the problem, it seems likely that a setting on your router is perhaps responsible for the app being unable to connect to your system. As for the audio cut-outs, they are most likely due to local transmission issues (perhaps your neighbour recently upgraded their WiFi).

Please try the following steps:

  • Reboot your phone
  • Reboot your network
  • Reboot your Sonos devices, one at a time
  • Ensure no WiFi devices (including Sonos) are too close (less than 1m) to your network access points, or other Sonos devices.

If these steps don’t help, please try adjusting your UniFi settings as follows:

  • Log into the UniFi controller.
  • In the Settings tab, click Wireless Networks.
  • Click Edit next to the network SSID.
  • Expand Advanced Options.
  • Uncheck Block LAN to WLAN Multicast and Broadcast Data.
  • In the Settings tab, click Sites.
  • Disable Auto-Optimize Network.

I believe the menus have changed slightly so these steps may be inaccurate, but they should give you the general idea.

Finally, if you still have playback issues, please do your best to submit a support diagnostic shortly after experiencing them and while the app is connected and reply here with the number given.

I hope this helps.

Are any of your SONOS devices wired to the LAN?

Thanks for the replies. Oddly the issue resolved itself. I did contact Sonos for support and they jumped straight to a network config issue. We went through all the possible settings and there were no issues with my setup. FYI… The recommendation Sonos support is using for Unifi of “Uncheck Block LAN to WLAN Multicast and Broadcast Data” is no longer a config in Unifi. There is a setting to enable “Multicast and Broadcast Control” which can limit devices that are allowed to pass multicast traffic and there is setting to enable “Multicast DNS” which allows multicast traffic across networks. 

Neither of these were my problem though. All I can tell was for most of last week it didn’t work and on Saturday it was working. I do see Unifi pushed a firmware update ( my U6-Pro this weekend May 28 and the previous firmware ( was pushed a week ago May 20. So I’m wondering if there was bug.

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Hi @n8ST 

Thanks for updating the thread with that info!

I’ll see if I can get someone to update our own info sheets on UniFi settings for future reference.