10.2 on Mac OS 10.11.6 hangs on launch—what next?

  • 29 June 2019
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Sorry if this duplicates another post; a few searches didn't generate any substantially similar topic that had solutions available that wasn't several years old.

An older version of the Sonos app (sorry, I didn't track which version) for Mac forced me to uninstall it and update to the current 10.2 Controller. (I run Mac OS 10.11.6, and don't feel inclined to update on this mid-2015 MBPro until I get a newer machine, and I don't feel inclined to get a newer machine until Apple straightens itself out, but I digress.)

My problem's summed up in the title: the Sonos app launches, but hangs. Either no UI presents, or I see the menu bar and a beach ball o' doom. Waiting has no effect—leaving the app for hours (in this case overnight) makes no difference, and the only recourse is to Force Quit the process.

Anybody else experienced this? What next?

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