1 Speaker out of 12 will not connect anymore

  • 3 February 2017
  • 1 reply

I bought my system 18 months ago, Including the 5.1 home theater I have 12 speakers in 6 rooms. Besides random system drops, I have (1) Play 3 that won't connect anymore via wireless, Ethernet or Boost set up. The light is solid white & blinks red when I try to connect & I have other Play 3, play 1 & play 5 speakers near it. I'm kind of tech Savvy & tried all the Sonos support suggestions (reset, ethernet, move closer, Boost, extender...etc). Any Ideas??

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1 reply

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Suggestion: Based on the description of lights... I may be misunderstanding what you are actually looking at... you could consider temporarily connecting the Play 3 using an ethernet cable to your router and plug in the power... once it boots up, it should update as it is physically connected.... then you can move it back.

As for random system drops.... I'd get a simple software tool that allows you to view the visible SSID/Networks around you and the channels they are on so you can perhaps make a better selection of available wireless channel for SonosNet and force your Router to a different channel (1,6, or 11) that has the next level of interference.

Hope you find you solutions!