1. Playing Flac file from computer using Sonos wirelessly 2. Echo dot

  • 23 January 2017
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I just got interested in speaker recently and therefore trying to buy Play 5 for the start.

I have two questions.

1. I heard that sometime this year, Alexa will be able to connect Sonos speaker using wifi. Does this means that I have to buy another one? Or it will just be a software update so I don't have to buy a newer one?

2. I have bunch of Flac file ready (one of the reason why I want to buy a good speaker and Sonos Play 5 can handle Flac file). I saw that android was possible but IOS cannot play Flac file using wifi as apple does not support Flac. So I am just trying to connect Play 5 using my computer wirelessly and play Flac file from my computer using Sonos app for windows. Is this possible?

3. Since I am moving to other state around two years later, my plan is to buy one Sonos Play 5 for now and buy another Sonos Play 5 and a subwoofer after I moved! Do you think this is a good Idea?



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1) Buy another what? Presumably an Echo Dot will be required as a minimum but beyond that we don't know much more though we assume that all current Sonos hardware will work with the new Echo integration without the need for Sonos upgrade.

2) Yes - But your computer MUST be switched on AND the hard drive NOT asleep. Ultimately you will probably want to get your music on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device so you can play your music without the need for the computer to be on.
3) A Play 5 stereo pair in the future would be a great idea and doubtless the SUB is brilliant but I would expect the SUB to have a lesser improvement on a pair of 5s than a pair of Play 1s because the Play 5 has excellent bass response already.
Thanks for the information!

I was meaning the Sonos Play 5 for the first one haha. So I will just buy it now.

And decide 2 years later if I need subwoofer or not depending on (maybe there might be a new product!) the situation.

Thanks again!