sonos one SL disappearing from spp

  • 26 January 2023
  • 2 replies

I got a new sonos one and it connects to the app fine. Then all of the sudden when I exit out of the app then open it back up the sonos one is not listed in my system. It happens on everyone’s somos app in the house and I thought it was a product problem so I exchanged it. But it is still happening. I tried to turn off my router and then set up all systems again and it is still not working. So every time I want to use it which is a lot I have to factory reset it and set it up again.

2 replies

Do you have other SONOS players? 

Do you have other SONOS players? 

Yes I have a Sonos move and a Sonos roam and they both stay connected and visible on the app.