SONOS Arc: Loud Random and Bone Chilling Noise

  • 25 January 2023
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I have an extensive SONOS system throughout my home and an Arc+2-ones+sub in the living room. 

The issue first occurred 5-6 weeks ago while an Amazon playlist was playing at a reasonable volume with 4 rooms grouped.

It happened again 3-4 weeks ago and it was also on an Amazon Playlist with 4 rooms including arc grouped.  At this point, I assumed that it was a song with an issue.  It was annoying and creepy but I'd eventually be able to find/remove the song from my playlist.

It happened again today while listening to an apple Playlist and I know for a fact it was a different song.

It took me until today to realize the sound is emanating from the arc(because the sound is so loud it sounds like its coming from everywhere including inside my brain).  For a random period of I'd say is 5-8 seconds, a loud metallic, alien, and haunting sound comes out of the living room sonos which has the arc.  The volume of the sound is inconsistent with the volume of the music that was playing.  The music resumes playing on all rooms at appropriate volumes..  Its the most unsettling noise I can imagine, instantly gives me chills and even as I'm typing this, I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

The last 2 times it happened, I thought it was a fluke and the same song.  That changed today and it bothered me enough to seek support.  There was a witness present for all 3 of these occurrences.

Please don't ask me for a recording, its literally 5 seconds out of weeks and happens at random.  I don't think that will be possible.

I saw some other sonos arc threads but they didn't match my symptoms exactly. 


Please, its so scary, I think the arc is telling my toaster to eat me! **This last part is just a joke for the Product Manager**


But the sound IS really really scary.  Please help!


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First thing I’d do is look at the steps to submit a diagnostic to Sonos support so the next time it happens you will be able to do one fairly quickly. The logs seem to cover about 15 minutes but I’d try to be on the early side of that. You might also want to submit two or three diagnostics as some seem to arrive at Sonos corrupted.

Once sent contact Sonos support with the number(s) and describe the problem to them. You could also post them here and they will usually be seen, Sonos staff here is a bit thin and has limited capabilities compared to the phone crew.

Now that I know to do that I can definitely do it within 15 mins.