sonos 300 Era installation

  • 15 March 2024
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I would like to install Era 300 speakers on the wall as high if possible. Question is what is the ideal distance from the ceiling the speaker should be installed to work properly. Also I was thinking of getting the outlet and putting the speakers (Sonos mount) right in front of the outlet so it covers the outlet. How have you installed? Is there another better way? 

I am thinking of installing an arc, two speaker combo and 3rd gen sub in movie media room. (17by18 room)


And I am thinking two speakers for outside area where the bar, seating and game room is. 

What is the ideal distance from ceiling I should install? Will it be different for media room then open area. Please advice. Or pictures would help.


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3 replies

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Scroll down to select a location:

Ideal is head high, anything else is a compromise

I have read the select a location. I understand ear level which I am trying to avoid due to kids. 

on the wall if I go about a feet down from the ceiling and put it upside down as mentioned. Is the voice quality really very different. I know it’s not ideal.

then should does it make a difference if its corner of the wall or center of the wall?

for surround I know it says ear level is definitely ideal. How much quality changes if I install the same way as above. This question is for media room.

And is there an option of ceiling install. Does that work good?


I’ve not seen an option for ceiling install for the Era 300s. I know if you place them upside down that you lose the option to Trueplay tune the speakers in the room. Sonos are apparently going to resolve that issue at some point going forward, but there’s not that much demand from users that want to install them upside down. The Era 300’s also fire sideways, so I would perhaps not put them too close to the side walls in the room.