S2 App and Android 13 and Mesh networks

  • 21 November 2022
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I had problems getting my Playbar and Sonos One onto my wifi network. I had just installed a mesh network but hadn’t switched off the wireless from my router. I then had two networks running with the same SSID. After four very frustrating hours of failing to get these speakers onto the network, I called my ISP who ran some remote diagnostics to inform me that there was nothing wrong with my router or my network.

I then called SONOS support. We spent an hour and a half trying to get it to work. All these scenarios are with the S2 App and Android 13

  1. Factory reset SONOS, Wireless off, Ethernet connected and router in Modem / Bridge mode - no luck
  2. Factory reset SONOS, router in Modem mode (no duplication of networks) and Google Wifi Mesh network enabled - no luck
  3. Factory reset SONOS, router in Modem mode (no duplication of networks), Google Wifi Mesh network enabled and DHCP disabled - no luck

At this point, I’m thinking about selling off all my SONOS kit on eBay. And then as a last throw of the dice, I grab my son’s Android 11 tablet, download the S2 tablet and get both the Playbar and Sonos One on the network first time.

While I’m really appreciative of the support that was given to me by Sonos for an hour and a half today, However, I am disappointed with their app QA as it’s clear that they didn’t bother testing this. I hope they’re working on a fix for a release soon.

3 replies

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Hi @iambertrand 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for sharing your experience! I recommend you have a read of my troubleshooting article - it may help clue you in as to what is going on on your network, as I suspect the success might have been a random occurrence and something still needs to be addressed in your network configuration. Or perhaps your phone could simply benefit from a reboot?

I am glad to hear that you were able to finally get your products working!

S2 14.19 and Android 13.

In my experience, things don’t fix themselves randomly. It was replicated several times over the course of seven hours. Only by using a lower version of Android with Build 14.19 did I manage to get the speakers onto my wifi network.

Try it and see if you can replicate but I’m leaving this post here in case it saves anyone else from wasting several hours.

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Hi @iambertrand 

When there are two devices on your network operating as DHCP servers, things can get pretty weird - it’s something you want to make absolutely sure of that you don’t have as it will result in two devices handing out IP addresses to connecting clients, resulting in two logical networks on one hardware layer, sometimes with the same subnet. It’s technical gobbledygook, I know, but it could result in exactly what you experienced. The support agent will not have left your system in such a state, so you should be good now.

If there was an issue with Android 13 and Sonos 14.19 in combination, I think there would have been a lot of topics here reporting it by now - I’m not dismissing it out of hand, but without other reports I have to assume it’s not the case. As soon as (if) there’s an obvious trend, it will be flagged for investigation.

I’m leaving this post here in case it saves anyone else from wasting several hours.

Absolutely - I wouldn’t remove the post, and I’m not sure you can, any longer (you get 1 hour after posting to make modifications).