Playbar with not play with the optical input.

After installing the new software upgrade the optical input no longer plays tv audio. I bought a new Tosslink cable -- still no sound.  I can get the Playbar to play music from the Sonos app, but not from the TV as before.  There are on controls for the optical out on the Samsung TV. I’m at wit’s end since the TV sound is so inferior. I spent one hour with tech support with little help.  Is there someone with a similar problem.

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Update - Chat with Tech Support: I just had a long text chat with an Sonos technician named Adrian G. He could not fix the problem and ultimately suggested that I call Sonos during regular business hours, when greater support resources are available. However, during the chat session, he asked me to send diagnostics. The diagnostics showed that neither of my two Playbases were receiving optical input. Both TVs were on and configured for extern al (optical) speakers. This makes me think that yesterday's update to the software inside the Playbases is causing them to ignore the optical (Toslink) input. I asked Adrian if there was a way to restore the Playbases to their original factory configuration and he said that there is not. He also said that there is no way (for now) to simply roll back yesterday's update. (May 25, 2024)

Same issue for me. While this sucks I’m happy to hear that I’m not alone. These systems are not inexpensive and there should be better support. If this was because of an update then Sonos should be able to fix this!

I’m waiting out the same issue with no longer being able to hear audio of TV playbar and connected speakers to the TV. Appears on app as connected but no audio. I’ve tried all of the re-booting and re-connecting, etc, but as a previous commenter noted, in complicated/expensive systems that this brand serves where many wires are embedded in walls & ceilings, some of the “just unplug everything” instructions are unrealistic. VERY frustrating to have wrecked access to a major use of the product in this way. 

Usually, I’m an “automatic update” type of person, but this experience changed my mind on that practice.

It’s extremely poor crisis management/customer care to not provide the previous, working software version available to download while they’re working on fixing issues. 

Dear Follow Sonos sufferer,

If you figure out a solution please let me know. 


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something very similar it’s happening to me! But with the HDMI input from an Epson home cinema projector… It worked perfectly till the software update!! Now I can play music from Spotify but I cant hear the audio from the HDMI input… i’ve tryed every thing posible… please help us with this!!!

I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment with the recent software update for my Sonos Beam soundbar. Since the update, the sound input from my projector has ceased to function.

I have dedicated a significant amount of time to troubleshooting this issue. Given that the soundbar is installed on the ceiling, disconnecting and reconnecting cables is an arduous task each time I need to make adjustments. The primary function of a speaker is to play the sound that is inputted, and it fails to do even that!!

I have invested in an expensive system with a projector and screen, and now I am left with a setup that doesn't work and wasting the little free time I have trying to fix something that seems impossible to resolve. Additionally, you do not allow the installation of previous software versions (you must be very confident to enforce such a policy).

It is unacceptable that a high-end system like Sonos would release a software update without thorough testing, leaving loyal customers in such a predicament. This experience has been incredibly frustrating and reflects poorly on the reliability and professionalism of your company. It is a disgrace, and the stock price indicates that this is a company with little future.

I hope that you will address this issue promptly, as this is not the level of service I expected from a premium brand.

I’m having the same exact issue with my Playbar which converts a headphone jack from my laptop to an optical cable to the Playbar. After the system update, the optical line stopped working. I do a lot of conference calls and like to have a great speaker broadcasting the meeting but now it doesn’t work. Very frustrating and makes me doubt expanding or continuing with Sonos. 

I’m having the same problem. Recently moved so had to set up a new Sonos system (and therefore factory reset all devices). All hardware exactly the same and most speakers connected no problems. The playbar was giving me trouble connecting to the network, but eventually got it working via Ethernet. However cannot get it to work with TV optical. Very frustrating. Please share if you find a solution. Thanks 

Please keep me posted if you find a solution.


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Good luck. Twice I spent over an hour waiting to speak to technical support and another hour with a tech try to fix the problem.  Please let me know if you get your problem fixed. 

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    The same thing happened to me yesterday after I accepted an update for the controller (not the cell phone app). I have two Sonos Playbases and they both stopped playing TV audio (via optical cable) right after the update. Both of them can still play streaming radio and material from my networked media library. I’m fairly certain that the problem is from the controller update because it affected both Playbases at the same time.

    A short while ago I started a new discussion topic about this under the title “No TV Sound after Update.”  (May 25, 2024)

What a joke! Ive just sat on hold for 45 minutes to talk to tech and then got cut off! I have the exact same issue as mentioned here, audio worked fine the day before update and no longer works now. I have 2 x playbars and both experiencing the same problem. Sonos after market support is woeful, their chat bot couldn't help and their live tech support is practically unreachable. Now it looks like the downgrade to S1 software has also been removed!

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     I joined this topic on May 25, 2024. I am shocked that Sonos still has not fixed the problem. The two Sonos Playbases at my house in NJ have not been able to play TV audio since May 25. The firmware update that they received on May 25 seems to have deactivated their (optical) inputs for the TV audio. Interestingly, I have a third Sonos Playbase at a different location and it did not receive the firmware update. That one still works (thankfully).

     I had been about to order some additional Sonos products just when the problem started on May 25. Now I’m getting wary of becoming more deeply committed to the Sonos ecosystem. (June 11, 2024)

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Both of my Playbars still working great on the new firmware. (I am avoiding the mobile app for the most part).

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My two non-working Sonos Playbases mysteriously started working again around June 28. Sonos must have pushed a stealth update. I did not receive notice of any update; it just happened. It’s great to have decent TV sound back.