play 5 is consistently unreliable

  • 20 November 2022
  • 3 replies

I won’t buy another Sonos product. I’m tired of having to go through the set up and reconnection process every single time I leave it for a few days. Sonos needs to make their products as plug and play as Apple for me to come back. I have owned my play 5 for two years and in that time I have had to go through the setup/reconnection process dozens of times. It’s ridiculous. 

3 replies

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Your experience isn’t normal. I’ve had a Play:5 for many years and have never experienced what you are describing. Your problems are more than likely the result of your specific network setup.

Perhaps not. I have tried this on three different networks in two different locations (home and office). No improvement in reliability. Is it possible that the product is defective? 

It’s always possible an electronic device is defective in some way, there is no manufacturing process that I’m aware of that is perfect. Have you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it?