Large Sonos system and Eero playback Issues

  • 6 May 2024
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I have a rather large Sonos system hooked up in a smaller NYC apartment. The apartment is broken into about 4 smaller bedrooms however there are speakers dispersed throughout the entire setup. Several Sonos ones, 100s, 300s, 3 subs, an arc, bookshelf speakers and a boost. The speakers play subpar using Airplay, often dropping or not connecting at all. I then use the Sonos app to stream Apple Music and while it’s better it still has connectivity problems at times. It’s disappointing because I would like to use my HomePods in tandem with the system taking advantage of Siri and even a more dispersed sound. I’m frustrated because I invested thousands of dollars into the system and it does not play as intended and to make it worst I keep trying alternate options like purchasing extenders, upgrading the router, etc. Switched out most of the existing HomePods to Sonos thinking that would resolve the problem because I felt Sonos didn’t not play well with HomePods. It didn’t. 

Anyone else having this issue or have a fix? I have tried almost everything possible. I wired all speakers on the home theater into the router via Ethernet. I have changed the Sonos channels. Upgraded some of the Sonos speakers. This should not be happening and no one from customer service on any operating system seems to be able to find the problem. 

note I am using the Eero 6pro and now two extenders. The extenders were just added. I am now at maybe I should get the eero 7 to see if that helps but done with spending money on a system that does not work properly. 

1 reply

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If you haven’t waited for a problem to happen and then sent in a diagnostic (within a few minutes) and called Sonos to review it you might do that. They were able to spot several issues with my Sonos setup that weren’t obvious or visible from the limited information available to us users.

Sonos often doesn’t work well with extenders, did you install them or additional mesh nodes?

May not be your problem but assigning static/reserved IP addresses to all Sonos using your router’s DHCP Settings page can eliminate a lot of issues and is a quick job, not needing a support call. Power down all Sonos when done, Reboot all router nodes. Power up your wired Sonos then the wireless ones.