Audio via Browser and Desktop (Era 100)

  • 19 January 2024
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Hi, how can we listen to audio from browser on our phones or desktop computers (through Era 100)? I’m on iPhone and Mac M2, if it matters. Sonos app doesn’t seem to allow it.  


Best answer by Airgetlam 19 January 2024, 18:14

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17 replies

Use AirPlay 2 to send the signal from one of the Apple products to the speaker. You can’t connect both at the same time, though. At that point, you’re essentially skipping the Sonos software, and the using Apple’s AirPlay 2 to control the speaker(s), although if need be, grouping in the Sonos software is still preferable, so you’re not sending multiple streams from the Apple device.

I’m doing this at the moment, sending an AirPlay 2 signal from an Apple TV to a Sonos One, which I’ve then grouped in Sonos with a pair of PLAY:3s. 

Just as a note, though, this isn’t intended design. Sonos still doesn’t make/sell/advertise computer speakers. This is a work around. 

Upon further thought, there is also the option of connecting your device’s headphone output to the Sonos Line In Adapter, and sending the data over in a wired manner. I’d assume it would require some fiddling of the volume sent by the device, and the sensitivity of the line in settings on the Sonos, to be sure you’re getting an appropriate signal strength. Generally, a line in is looking for a ‘line level’ input, not a variable strength input. 

Thanks @Airgetlam for the suggestions. We purchased the speaker with the intention to listen to audio wirelessly from any device including the computer. Nowhere there was a note about its limitations and we certainly haven’t considered a computer would be one. We can’t do line in adapter due to our physical setting but will look into AirPlay 2. Hopefully it’s easy to do and doesn’t bring up more surprises. 

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It would be an unusual company to advertise what it doesn’t do. 

Thanks @controlav, it looks like listening to audio from computer over wifi is not possible with Sonos speakers.

@Airgetlam we are not the only ones; a little search on the internet brings up many people who purchased these speakers with the same intention so obviously something somewhere is wrong. On top, we’re also stuck with Sonos ads each time we change the radio station unless we upgrade! Bravo to marketing folks!

On top, we’re also stuck with Sonos ads each time we change the radio station unless we upgrade! Bravo to marketing folks!

I have some musician friends who are grappling with the reality that they cannot pay their rent if music is “free”.

Your musician friends are totally right and should check in with companies like Sonos that advertise their products in the middle. 

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@CGG It seems you are laying the blame for the feature you seem to miss with Sonos because there are “many people who purchased these speakers with the same intention”. I’d agree that being able to play computer sounds via WiFi to Sonos speakers would be nice to have, and this could be a commercially viable option for Sonos, especially because some people seem to expect it. I’d also agree “something somewhere is wrong”, but it still amazes me so many people buy expensive devices without doing the necessary research. The fact you cannot play from your computer to the speakers is not a secret - the fact Sonos does not advertise it should be a clue for those looking for a feature that is important for them.

And you are? Sonos rep?

Sonos reps have identifiers on their forum accounts. 106rallye is a user like you. 

And you are?

Yet another user. 

Pretty impressive, you folks’ dedication to Sonos!

But anyways, sorry, on second thought, you all are right. It’s not really Sonos, it’s us, the ignorant and irresponsible consumers who haven’t done the due diligence, not read more carefully, not done enough research, and not questioned all the technical specifications and limitations. It was all out there, open and clear. We’ve assumed and failed. A lesson for us and everyone!

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@CGG Why the agressive tone of voice and accusations if people do not agree completely with you?

Is it such a bad idea to ask people to investigate before they purchase things? Or see a knowledgeable retailer that could prevent them from buying device that go without a feature that is important to them?

Please and thank you.