Using a Pair of Ones along with a Pair of Fives for Multi Channel Audio?

  • 14 August 2021
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I currently have a pair of Fives set up as stereo for music only listening. I’m using a turntable and CD deck as sources. Works great. 
I was wondering if I could add another pair of either Ones or Fives to the existing Fives for multi channel audio like SACDs?


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2 replies

You’d simply have another pair of speakers producing stereo in their own right, which could if you wish be grouped with the Fives. 

No ‘multichannel’ as such.

For that you’d need a home theatre speaker such as the Sonos Arc. Since that gets its multichannel from an HDMI-ARC/eARC connection with a TV you’d somehow have to find a way to connect the SACD player to the TV.

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My Sony BlueRay plays SACDs, I’ll have to see what the ARC sees when I play one.

Won’t happen soon, the disks are in storage since I ripped the stereo tracks to my NAS years ago.