Suggestion for stereo pairs and bars

  • 29 January 2021
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Among all the units I have, I have two PlayBars. They're good, but I find there isn't much stereo image. I think this is purely because the L and R speaker sets are close together.

My suggestion is that for this product and any stereo pair you have an option to enhance the stereo.

This can easily be done in DSP by matrixing to L+R and L-R, increasing the gain of the L-R, then matrixing back to L and R.

Maybe an option in the app - ideally with an ‘amount’ setting which would control the amount of extra gain applied in DSP to the L-R.

There are cleverer ways of enhancing stereo, like only amplifying the L-R when there’s a peak, but I think for most situations, the simple approach would work well.

Then we could 'widen' the stereo image.



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2 replies

Possible. But if using a Bar you might want to continue using the bar.

L+R is mono, L-R is the difference, i.e. the separation. Increase that, the stereo image gets wider.

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to use a Sonos Amp, and use it to drive a pair of speakers of your choice, placing them at a distance that satisfies your needs for L+R separation?