Sonos Boost & WiFi 6

  • 9 May 2023
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My Sonos system currently consists of: 1 Ray, 4 Play 1,s, & 1 Roam. I also use Sonos net via a Sonos Boost. All speakers are connected to the network wirelessly. I do not have WiFi 6. I would like to add 2 Era 100,s to use as rears for the Ray. Is this a simple plug-in and play addition to my current setup, as it is? Or do I have to disable the Boost? As I’ve read that the Era’s do not connect to a Boost. Also is my lack of WiFi 6 going to be an issue? I welcome any advice the community may be able to offer, many thanks. 


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4 replies

SarahN - Thank you, good to know.  Much appreciated. 

106rallye - Thanks very much for your response & advice. I also note your last comment, regarding the Era’s as rears and shall certainly try this, as thinking about it, makes sense. 

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I have a lot of speakers using SonosNet via a boost. I recently got a single Era 300 and a single Era 100. Both just use the WiFi and cause no issues with the boost speakers. I also don't have WiFi 6. 

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Rear speakers are bonded to soundbar using a dedicated 5Ghz link, so they do not use Sonosnet. The fact Era’s do not use Sonosnet will have no effect for rear speakers.

So a simple plug in and addition to the Ray will be all.

You could also replace two of your Play 1’s by the (according to reviews) better sounding Era 100’s and use the Play 1’s as surrounds. You probably will notice the better sound quality of the Era’s less on surround duty.