pairing Era 300 with existing setup

  • 28 March 2023
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can i pair Era 300 with my existing Sub3 and a pair of Play5s(gen2)

4 replies

I couldn’t find an all inclusive link to answer this question. Here’s another piece of data if the intent is to create a surround system. And some more data on SUB combinations.

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In the link above I assume your intent was to provide combinations of how a Sub can be bonded to speakers? If so the link is broken as it directs me to “Listen to Dolby Atmos Music on Sonos”.

Note that when grouping era 300s with non atmos capable rooms, like a pair of 5s, the era 300s will only play stereo.  Basically, sound quality is lowest common denominator when grouping. 

“Pair” requires two identical speakers. A pair of ERA 300’s and a pair of PLAY:5’s will be two stereo Rooms on the SONOS controller. Rooms can be Grouped to play the same music, but this is not surround sound. SUB can be “Bonded” to a single speaker,  pair of speakers, or a surround system. Here are some supported combinations.