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  • 8 July 2022
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I moved to Germany a while back and had connection issues ever since. I recently read that in Europe additional  WiFi channels are supported and hence I wanted to change my speaker’s region to EU by accessing http://<sonos_ip>:1400/region.htm. They all show US as default and when I try to change that I get a 403 because I don’t have the correct password. What pw is being asked for here? Where do I get the info from? Is it possible to change all speakers’ regions together (I changed the country settings in my account but to no avail).


Thanks for any suggestions!!


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3 replies

Those web forms don’t show the current setting. The ‘USA/Canada’ is simply the top item of the drop-down menu. 

As for the password, it’ll be based on some arcane Sonos internal formulation. These forms aren’t designed for users. 

In practice the setting only has any effect on the 5GHz channels used by a home theatre player. In EU it will already use the higher, DFS channels if it wishes. As for 2.4GHz in practice the only available non-overlapping channels are 1, 6 and 11.  

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Thanks much! So you are saying I shouldn’t bother messing around with those settings? I’ll go digging somewhere else for the source of my ‘speakers dropping in/out’ problem then...

If your speakers are on 2.4GHz -- whether SonosNet or WiFi -- then external interference is a likely cause. 

Have a look at the guidance here: