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Hi. Have a playbase with 2 Play 1s as surround. Can`t get the surround to work when I see TV. The playbase works with the TV and the surround sound works with a playstation connected to the TV and when I hear music. Already tried to turn up the surround sound in the advanced setting but the only thing that comes out the play 1s is noice. Hope you can help

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Hei Calor!

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Since it works fine with Playstaion and when playing from a music source, I think it has to do with the audio-format that the TV is sending out.
You can check which format the Playbase is receiving by:
On iOS or Android: From the Sonos music menu, select “Settings” and “About My Sonos System”
On Mac: Sonos > About My Sonos System
On PC: Help > About My Sonos System
under "Audio in" it will list the format.

I suspect you will see PCM/stereo there, and if so, you will have to change the audio format the TV is sending to the Playbase.
if it says Dolby Digital, please submit a diagnostic to us and reply here with the confirmation number.

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Hei Sven
Correct that the playbase received stereo signal. Have a Sony tv and changed it to Dolby digital from what they call Dolby digital plus, which will be soundless through optical output. Unfortunately it didn’t change the problem. Send you a diagnostic: 1083198409. Haven’t got a clue what’s wrong but the signal is transmitted when the play 1s is one group and the play base another. But then not as surround sound.
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Hi again
Have solved the problem just by changing hdmi port. Don’t know why it works but it does. Thanks for help.
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Hi again Calor

Thank you for the reply, nice to hear that the problem is solved, even if it was a more unexpected trick that did it.
Since if you only changed the HDMI-input, that means most likely that something was broken in the first port you were connected to.
But nice to know you can continue to enjoy your Playbar.