Playbase disappeared from controller app

Playbase disappeared from controller app. Not possible to reinstall. Possible to factory reset, or what must I do?

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Providing you have other Sonos speakers, you could potentially do a factory reset. If you don't have any others, you'd potentially lose any data stored at the speaker level, which would be room names, playlists, etc. If you have the other speakers, then that data is replicated on each, so you'd be safe.

But I'm not convinced that it's at a point yet where you need to do that. Have you connected the Playbase to your router temporarily with an ethernet cable to see if it shows up? If it does, then I'd suggest you may have some wifi interference. If it doesn't, I'd say you'd be safe to do the factory reset and a "fresh install" process.

Does the sound from the TV still play?

Finally, if you do get it to show up in the controller using an ethernet cable, it may be a good time to submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at. They may be able to see something in the log files that can help.
Sound from tv still play. Ethernet works ok. But it still wouldnt reinstall after factory reset. I have a lot of other units that still work. I think the wireless unit is dead. No changes in router position or settings, everything else works fine. Have restarted router as well. All worked as supposed to from april until now..
Dignostic nr: 7693964
Diagnostic is a good step, if indeed the wifi card is broken. You may want to call in to talk with them directly, info is at
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Hello tillokken and welcome to the forum, Airgetlam thank you for valuable input!!

If the PLAYBASE will connect via ethernet cable, please reconnect it and submit another diagnostics number. The number you sent in unfortunately does not show any PLAYBASE, so I suspect you sent the number after disconnecting the cable..

(Dette er forresten den norske delen av Sonos-forumet så du må gjerne skrive tilbake på norsk!)
7696736 diagnostic nr with cable
Well, it was in English, so I felt more comfortable in answering. I never know how badly Google translate handles stuff, and I only speak a smattering of French, German, Gaelic, Hebrew, Latin, Thai, and Russian. And none of them, including English, very well :)

Hope the OP gets it taken care of!
Jeg fikk hjelp på messenger. Ny playbase er på vei, så da ordner det seg. Jeg gamblet på at fler kunne hjelpe dersom jeg skrev på engelsk. Takk for hjelpa.
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tillokken, kjempebra, da bør alt ordne seg! Skriv gjerne til meg igjen om du har andre spørsmål.

Airgetlam, your help is very much appreciated! I have seen your user handle more than once to around the community, so thank you for your contributions!
You're most welcome. I'm glad that the OP's issue has been resolved.
I'm having the same wifi connectivity problem with my new playbase. Checked out all hints to fix the problem but won't work. Sonos tech support works very slowly and inefficiently. I eventually got a number which then does not work :( Shot messages through FB and TW but they are extremely slow. Bad marketing for Sonos it is. @Sonos is the wifi card issue possibly a common Playbase problem?
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Hi memusica

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the PLAYBASE and also that you are having problems getting trough to support.
Did you receive a case reference number?

You can reach Norwegian support on the following telephone number:
Man - Fre: 10:00 - 18:00

You can also schedule a callback via this link:
I am having the same issue. My playbase suddenly disappeared from the app. It is still working with the Sound from the tv.
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Hei Boogeydog
Fungerer PLAYBASE om du kobler den til midlertidig med ethernetkabel? Send meg gjerne et diagnostikknummer som forklart i svarene mine ovenfor. Takk på forhånd!
Samme problem her også. Lyd fra TV fungerer, men rommet kommer opp med (?+SUB+VH+HH). Kobler jeg playbase til ruteren med nettverkskabler så kommer rommet opp med (+SUB+VH+HH). Hvis jeg så går inn på Om mitt Sonos-system blir den listet opp med IP, SN, versjon osv. Det gjør den ikke ved trådløs tilkobling.

Dette skjedde for ett par uker siden.

Software problem fra verdens 8.1.1?

Ditt bekreftelsesnummer er: 8068856.
Hei VegardB

Og velkommen til forumet vårt!

Etter en titt på diagnostikken din, så kan jeg bekrefte at din enhet har en hardware-feil. Jeg har sendt deg en epost til den registrerte e-postadressen vi har i systemet med ref nummer 171113-000954. Men du kan også ringe inn til oss på 800 62460 sånn at vi kan forsette.


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