Soro - Third Party App for Sonos EQ Presets and Automations Using Shortcuts

  • 9 March 2021
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I recently discovered this new iOS app called Soro

Soro allows you to easily control Sonos speakers with the iOS Shortcuts app. I have been able to create shortcuts/widgets for different EQ presets for Movie, Music, TV, and create a widget for playing a specific playlist on a specific Sonos speaker in my house. So far, it works great! Rather than manually changing the EQ in the Sonos app every time I switch from music to TV to movies, I just swipe right and tap once on my iPhone and it changes the settings within seconds.


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2 replies

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Until trying this app/tool, I had no experience with creating iOS shortcuts. After some google searches and a few tries, I now have a few EQ presets created and saved as iOS shortcuts. I started with several and realized for me “less is more” and settled in with only a few, one for Blu-Ray movies, one for YouTube TV, one to quickly revert back to flat EQ/volume, etc. I will probably create one or two for music next.

It’s pretty basic. It allows for pretty much any EQ/volume option you normally have access through the Sonos app. I did notice it didn’t allow for creating a shortcut to adjust TV Dialogue Sync, which I suggested as another feature to add to the developer. I received very fast responses to a few emails I sent, so to the extent I needed it, I am very happy with the product support. When executing the shortcuts, it does take several seconds to process the commands, especially if you have several actions in each shortcut, such as adjusting room EQ/Volume, sub settings and surround settings. Sometimes I don't really notice or care, others time I do. Not sure if this can be improved - it was previously noted on some user reviews and there has apparently already been some improvement from prior versions. I haven’t been testing other apps so I really have no comparison, but it does what I hoped it would and I will use it until Sonos provides similar functionality within the Sonos app (if ever).


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There has been a fair amount of recent activity in these forums requesting normalization functionality across sources and content as well as volume/eq presets.  But it’s not just recent - a number of similar requests for these features go back years.  So its disappointing that Sonos still hasn't addressed these requests.

That stated, the Soro app looks useful and I will likely check it out.  I could use some shortcuts for my office/work listening environment as well as some good music presets in other rooms.  It will be especially useful to create volume presets for when playing my DTS Blu-Ray discs that end up as lower-volume LPCM when the signal reaches my Arc.  And a good eq preset for the horrible sounding stereo feed that’s included in the YouTube TV app on my tv...don't even get me started on the live tv streaming providers that refuse to send 5.1 feeds… 😂