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  • 20 April 2020
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I have a 4 room  built in the ceiling  speakers system before purchasing a sonus connect. I have a Niles 4 speaker integration system hooked up to my A channel on my receiver. The sonus connect only plays through my CD input on my Yamaha receiver. To play my CD player I use the line in on my sonus connect but cannot control the master volume on my amplifier. The CD player will not play through any other input on my receiver. If I buy a sonus amplifier will I still use the sonus connect to use my home audio system? can I hook my CD player directly into the sonus amplifier? and is there a master volume control on the amplifier? 

1 reply

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Hello @o. jackson,

If you have a Sonos Amp, you can can connect the CD player to the inputs and control the volume using the Sonos app itself.

 You would need an individual Amp for each room and you would need to make sure that the architectural speakers themselves are compatible.

Your Connect and your Amp will be able to communicate to each other so it can continue to pass audio to or from your home audio system.

With a home set up like yours, I would recommend reaching out to your Home Automation or A/V professional for assistance rather than going it alone.