Sonos "Play" as an action

  • 4 June 2020
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I’ve looked at various integrations, Yonomi, IFTTT, Hue, Homey etc. and one thing that I don’t seem to see or be able to put in place is and action from Sonos.

So for example, when I start music starts playing from the Sonos app on my mobile and it’s 11am, turn on the Hue light/s (really simple example) as chilled mode/party mode.

Does anyone know if this is possible? (as the platforms don’t seem to have this) maybe through an HTTP integration?

2 replies

I haven’t look into different integrations in a while, but I don’t recall seeing such a feature, and it’s not too surprising that it doesn’t exist.  In order for a smart hub/service to trigger a routine when something happens in your Sonos system, the Sonos system would have to know that the smart service exists and monitoring Sonos.  There isn’t such a feature in Sonos.  Alternatively, it could be possible to poll the sonos system periodically to see what it’s status(s) is, but that would not be very effective for triggered events.

What I’ve done in the past is create voice activated (or button) based routines that turn on Sonos and lighting at the same time.

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Whenever a track starts or changes, a UPnP event is sent on the AVTransport1 interface. If you have an automation system that can subscribe to UPnP events you’ll be set.