Sonos in boost format, Logitech Pop cannot find Sonos.

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Just purchased a Logitech Pop and Bridge. Support of Sonos is claimed, and the Pop sees other devices like the Hue Lights.

My configuration is as follows. I have a NetGear Orbi ( V2.2.1.210 firmware) upstairs, into which is plugged an ethernet cable from a Sonos One (gen 1).

Downstairs, I have an Orbi Satellite and a number of Sonos Ones (gen 1) as well as a Beam (all of which are on the Sonos network created by plugging the ethernet cable into the Orbi - they all show as wire connected on the network). In the image below the Pop Bridge is (2.4GHz) and the Sonos is (wired - actually wireless using Sonos network, but appearing wired to the router).

The Sons App as well as Apple devices see the Sonos with no issues. I'm able to control them through Apple HomePod Siri, or from multiple iOS devices (like an iPhone - when on the network - via Airplay2.

Spent a useless hour with the Logitech Support team yesterday trying to get the POP to see the Sonos.

Similar, maybe, tried the Sonos Sequencer App (iOS), and it failed to auto discover the Sonos as well, but was smart enough to ask for an IP address after which it found all the Sonos.

Looking for ideas that do not involve chaining my network configuration (e.g. the Sonos on it's on mesh network - because otherwise the music fails out of sync when used with Airplay 2 after a while - I assume from congestion). I suspect there is some discovery protocol not propagating across the network? Perhaps a setting in the router (wouldn't that be lucky).

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This is a Pop question, not a Sonos question. (Or maybe an Orbi question). It is pretty trivial to detect Sonos players on a network, they use standard SSDP. Every router should support SSDP, though it won't work between subnets of course. From what you have said you only have one subnet though.

I would try hard-wiring the Pop Bridge as a test, as it seems to be wireless and nothing else is. You could also grab a network capture and see what is happening with the SSDP brodcasts.
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Good thoughts.
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Did some searching on the Orbi, tried a few things without success. Sent an email to their Tech support.
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Netgear had me change the channel, verified both devices connected, and then punted me to Logitech Support.

Love this stuff.
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Quick update, I flashed the Orbi firmware to V2.3.0.32 - same issue.

I also tried removing from the boost format (e.g. all sonos speakers go wireless on the Obri, Pop sees this configuration. But then sound suffers by getting out of sync with airplay2

This would be my Suggestion.

Set the Orbi main router and each one of its satellites to a particular fixed WiFi Channel, say wifi channel 6, just as an example.

Then just plug in the one Sonos Device only to the main Orbi router (that can be via an unmanaged switch) and set the SonosNet channel to either channel 1 or 11... uncable all the other Sonos devices and let them run on the SonosNet signal.

Cable the Logitech pop hub to the same switch as the cabled Sonos device, or if not using a switch try it cabled to one of the orbi Hubs on the same WiFi channel 6.

My thoughts are using the same WiFi channel for each hub will solve the connection issue I think, but try it and see.
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Sadly, the Pop is a wireless only bridge (no cable port).

I tried setting the channel to 6 on the Orbi (the NetGear support folks had me do that for debug), and the Sonos mesh is already at channel 11.

Apps that see and work with Sonos:
Sonos App on iPhone
Siri (HomePod and every apple device)
Alexa (Tap & all Sonos Alexas, also the Alexas App iPhone App and Web App)
All Airplay2
SonosControls App
SevenHugs Smart Remote & App

Apps that don't work in this configuration:
Logitech Pop
SonosSequencer (no auto detection, but works once you manually give it an IP)

Still working with the LogiTech Pop people on this.

When you set the Orbi to channel 6, do you know if that applied to its satellite hubs too? If so, then I’m at a loss, though as a precaution I would try it with the Orbi satellites powered off, just to see what happens in that case.
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The option is for the 2.4Ghz spectrum - so the Satellite should follow since it is a mesh (but I turned it off as I switched it as suggested). 5GHz is set to 48, Sonos Network to Channel 11.

Logitech Pop still not finding them. 😞
If it doesn't work with the secondary orbi satellite hubs switched off and your Logitech POP connected to the main Orbi hub WiFi, then I'm at a loss with this one. Sorry I couldn't help. ?


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