Move ?


At present I have a One second gen and have just purchased a Move .. I’m thinking about purchasing a BEAM .. Can I connect the other two speakers that I have to the Beam to enhance the sound ? Didn’t know if the fact that the Move is portable would stop me doing so ? .. thanks all 👍🏼

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Do you mean to use a One and a Move as rear surround speakers?  No, that can’t be done.  You must use 2 like speakers for surrounds, and the Move can’t be used at all.  You would need to get a second Sonos One or One SL.


You group all 3 speakers together, as you probably do with the Move and One right now.  However, when playing TV audio, the grouped speakers will play slightly behind the Beam.


Hi yes that’s exactly what I was asking thanks .. is the SL basically the same as a second gen “one” but without a microphone? .. guess it makes sense with having matching speakers to work properly .. yes at present I play music through the one and the move together in my lounge .. the beam may be enough on its own as my room is only around 12ft by 10ft but thought it may enhance the experience of watching films .. thank you for your fast response fella 🙂