Lifx bulbs compatibility with voice assistant

  • 3 May 2020
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I am looking to get into some smart lighting for our house.

The Lifx bulbs look like my preferred choice as no hub is needed so trying just one bulb to start with doesn't come at an extra cost.

I haven't found any confirmation that Lifx works ok with Sonos. I know you can use Lifx with Alexa and Google assistant but I haven't seen that these work ok through Sonos.

Can anyone confirm they have used Lifx with Sonos and how well it works?

5 replies

When it comes to smart home voice commands, Sonos (and any Alexa enabled device) is going to pass it on to Alexa for execution.  Every smart device should work just as well on Sonos as it does on Alexa.  And I do have 2 LIFX bulbs and can control them no problem.

Thanks Danny.

The reason I asked is because the only answers I've seen for this question was over a year ago and the reply, from Sonos support themselves (see this post: LIFX not integrating with Sonos One Alexa) was that Lifx support through Sonos using Alexa was not yet compatible.

I haven't seen any since Google assistant was released plus to know if the Alexa integration had been updated.

Good to hear you are using Alexa through Sonos and it's working ok.

Have you used Google assistant with Lifx on Sonos as well?


Edit: previous post title added mentioning no Alexa support through Sonos.

Yes, I can confirm Sonos with GA can control Sonos as well.  I use Alexa 95% of the time, but I don have 1 Sonos One that use GA.

I assume that when you say " I can confirm Sonos with GA can control Sonos as well."

You mean Sonos with GA can control Lifx as well?

If so Might be worth updating your post in case this helps other people in the future

I just bought two sonos ones and initially had trouble getting them to connect via the alexa app on my iphone to my 2 lifx bulbs.


For me it manifested as the alexa app seeing and controlling the lighbulbs from within the app but not being able to get sonos’ alexa to change the light settings.


I found these articles where people said sonos couldn’t connect but wanted to persevere and finally found this article:


Following these steps, disabling the alexa skills, deregistering my sonos devices and restarting the set up process FIXED the connect with the lifx bulbs.


Now my sonos one can control my lifx bulbs. Highly recommend for anyone having trouble.


Moderator Note: FAQ article link updated