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  • 5 March 2018
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problem of scenes / favorites
key pressing favorites continue increases queque.
the order of the songs are not the same of the desidered playlist.
if you configure a scene with only 2 room [ for example ] , the other room continue play other songs.
you cant roll back to initial condition with keypad. you must use sonos app to back to the initial condition prior using " change scene " by keypad.
sorry foe my english.
anyone use keypad with sonos speaker ?

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2 replies

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Hi OettaM, are you using the iPort Express remote?

Make sure to let their teams know if there's something you're having trouble with so they can work on improving functionality over time. We're constantly looking to improve things with our partners.
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Thanks Ryan for reply.
the producer has confirmed to me that there is no reset queque during switch between favorite playlists.
once the "favorite" scene is recalled to be able to resume the initial condition it must be done by sonos app.
also confirmed by the manufacturer. I hope these features are added.