Is it possible to mute a Sonos device from IFTTT?

  • 12 September 2019
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I would like to be able to remotely mute my Sonos Playbase without having to have my phone with me, or getting up and physically pressing the mute button on the front. I have Logictech Harmony Elite, but that is kind of terrible as there's no way to just map a face button to single function on a device, so instead I have to navigate multiple levels of the device display and mute it that way.

My plan was to use IFTTT, and then get a smart to use as the "if" side of things. However I couldn't find an applet on IFTTT which will just mute a device. There's plenty of sophisticated actions, but very few that just do one thing.

Is this possible without writing my own applet from scratch? I have a plan Z, which is to use the Sonos API to mute the device, and wire up a button to a Raspberry Pi / Arduino. However this seems somewhat complex when "press smart button, mute Sonos" would seem to be an ideal use case for IFTTT.

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There's a Volume applet on there, have you tried that? If you are not in the house surely a PauseAll would make more sense than muting a single player?