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  • 22 February 2020
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I have a Play One and this one integrated into HomeKit. 
Now I have created an automation where the Play One should continue playback after started by a Hue motion sensor. 
I have two problems with this:
1. Unfortunately my automation with "Resume Audio" does not work. I want the music that I previously played in Sonos (such as a radio station) to continue playing. Unfortunately, there is always some Apple music track playing that is not even in my Apple Music library.
2. Alternatively, if I want to play my playlist, Sonos will change the track every time it detects movement (i.e., every 10 seconds).
Does anyone have any idea how I can change this?

3 replies

Hey @Chrosscheck,


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Can you confirm for us if your speaker is able to work within the Sonos app? We want to make sure that you are able to play to the speaker. If you are able to play to the Play:1, you may have to get in contact with Apple Support and see if they can offer any advice about the Homekit automation setup since we have no way looking into that feature. Keep us posted about the situation so we can get more information for other customers who may have the same issue.




It’s a Sonos one. And sure: it is available within the Sonos app. 

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Same problem here. 

The Smartthings “Play Track at URL and resume” does not work. 

It plays the selected track fine but does not resume music playing. Just stops it.