Has the WebUI on 1400 had functionality reduced ?

  • 8 April 2021
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Morning everyone,

For a few years I’ve had a Sonos device in my kitchen, that has been monitored by a script on a Raspberry Pi.  If the Sonos is playing, it turns the amp on & sets the input etc.
If someone turns the TV on, that overrules Sonos and sets the amp accordingly.
This morning, Sonos was playing as usual - but the amp wasnt.

A bit of digging and it looks like my Sonos had an update (now on S1 / 11.2.7) and the info that was used by my script  (http://w.x.y.z:1400/MediaRenderer/AVTransport/Control) is no longer available.

I tried https to 1443 with the same path and that fails with the same UPnP 401 error.
Is there somewhere else I can pull the current status from via a url or similar?



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4 replies

Interesting. Sonos cut back the pages visible at :1400/status some time back, in the name of ‘security’. I wonder whether this is in the same vein, or whether it’s accidental. 

One of the regulars here, @controlav, interfaces at that level. He could perhaps shed some light.

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Is 11.2.7 a beta? My S1 system is on 11.2.6

I’ve asked my colleagues in the engineering team about this, and I’m awaiting a reply. Just to let you know, 11.2.7 that launched yesterday was an app-only update so any changes to the :1400 pages must have occurred before that. I have a feeling that those pages haven’t been available for a long while now.

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What exactly are you passing to the Control endpoint to get the status? GetMediaInfo/GetTransportInfo or something else? Please post the SOAP.