Alexa Text-to-Speech not working

  • 17 June 2020
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I have a relatively new Sonos One (Gen 2) set up in my office and integrated into my Home Automation environment.  I have several detectable events that produce Alexa announcements when they occur.  This has been working successfully since I added the Sonos to my setup several months ago, but has recently stopped woking on just the Sonos.  (still works on normal echo devices)


Has anyone encountered this issue before?  And what was your outcome?


My Setup:

  • Home Automation using Hubitat
  • Multiple Echo devices
  • Several Sonos One’s

What I’ve done:

  • Traced the command from Hubitat, to Amazon, and back to my home network
  • Captured tcp packets delivered to the Sonos (encrypted, but presume they are correct as the same behavior works for the echos)
  • Reset/Restarted the Sonos device(s) to no avail
  • Disconnected/Reconnected the Sonos to Alexa several times
  • All other command to/through the Sonos seem to work normally


Any thoughts or hints would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance…..


1 reply

Hello @paulhruska and welcome to the Sonos Community.

You may have to get in contact with Amazon's support as they will be more equipped to help with the text to speech. You also might have to reach to whoever helped with setting up with the home automation setup to help coordinate with Amazon if need be.