Airplay 2, Apple Music and voice control

  • 19 September 2019
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Hi All

I have read through the marketing blurb but I'm still unclear about voice control limitations when playing apple music through airplay 2.

I currently have homepods which having Siri allow me to ask them to start playing Apple music on the 'listening' device as well other homepods in the home. I of course can skip tracks and change the volume via Siri.

If I were to add a Sonos One device to my setup I imagine I could 'talk' to the Homepods to start playing Apple music on the Sonos One but I would not be able to 'talk' to the Sonos One to start playing Apple Music on it and or the Homepods, I would need to use my iphone to trigger this. I imagine I could only 'talk' to the Sonos One to play Apple Music via the alexa skill meaning it would NOT show up on the airplay 2 controls on my iphone to be able to 'manually' play the same music on my homepods?

Is this accurate? Can you still control volume on Sonos when it is being 'played to' by a homepod, can it skips tracks in this scenario?

Thanks in advance.

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