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  • 19 September 2019
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Hi, I own a Sonos one (gen1) and have just bought gen2, I am also buying beam and sub when I can afford, question is, can I have one set up with google ass and the others set up Alexa or viceversa? They will all be in the same room as I want it 5:1 surround sound with tv!


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4 replies

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When acting as rear surrounds for a Beam their microphones will be disabled and the Beam will be the voice-controlled speaker.
Ok that makes since, so the Sonos ones will just act like play ones or SL speakers, kinda wish I SL for background speakers now and freed up the Sonos ones for another room but suppose they can be added in future.
so just before I buy the beam, is there any point considering the play bar, I can pick a pretty new used one for same price as a new beam.
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Hi alimoore

The Playbar is going to provide better it should given it's greater speaker array. However, you loose all the tech afforded in the Beam (i.e. HDMI_ARC as well as optical, Airplay2 and voice control).

The Playbar only connects via optical. This is probably a moot point but the Playbar allows the mics in the Sonos One to remain active. However, you must still decide between Alexa or Google as the voice assistant, not both.

Hope this helps. Cheers!
Yea thanks so much, I like the look off the beam and am sure it’s more than able to suit our needs as it’s only medium sized room!

thanks again