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Setting up a turntable with Sonos

I am looking to get a turntable and want to connect it with my Sonos system. I have a Play:3 and a Bridge. I know you can not connect directly into a Play:3 but will it work with Connect or a Connect:...

Simple ? - How to turn off

Had my new Sonos for 2 days . . . exceeds expectations! But how do I turn off? It seems just pausing music or muting is not the same. Am I being too old fashion/analog?

Which NAS/Router/Switch are you using?

Hello everyone! Taking a look around at all the new users, many of us are being asked what we're using in our own Sonos setups. While there were a couple of posts to address these questions, they've...

Structured wiring for sonos..

Having read a lot of advice on here, I've decided to go for Sonos as my multiroom audio solution. As I'm currently renovating my new house I have also decided to install structured wiring, based on ad...

Listen to TV through Sonos?

We're looking to replace our TV at the same time as buying Sonos kit to stream music through the house. Could we play the TV through Sonos? Its speakers are bound to be better than the speakers on the...

iTunes with Sonos and NAS

With apologies in advance, because I know this kind of query must be answered about five times a day; I just can’t quite get my head round it. Can I just clarify how iTunes works with Sonos and NAS?...

Setting up a WD NAS for Dummies

Having gone round the PC on-off/iTunes/iPod/NAS buoy, I took the plunge and invested in a Western Digital MyBook Live NAS. I thought I would capture step-by step how I set it up "for dummies" (me incl...

Sonos behind Linux proxy server

I got my ZP80 starter package yesterday. The system works, except access to the internet. Here is my configuration: all my music files are on a linux PC. I have access via Samba. This PC is also my a...

Do I need to purchase Sonos bridge to connect wirelessly?

Hi, I just purchased Sonos ZonePlayer ZP90 and Zone Player S5 in a retail store, because I was told I can stream music from my Stereo Amplifier to my bathroom wireless. So I'd like to use ZP90 as the...

Getting Started with Sonos - Start Here!

Getting Started with Sonos Hello all! It had been awhile since the fantastic RO53BEN wrote his getting started guide and we thought it could use an update - just in time for the new year. Whether...

Play 5 gen 1 vs Play 5 gen 2

Hi; "I'm new around here can you show me round?" We are seriously considering buying a play 5 gen 1. We have chosen the play 5 as our first Sonos appliance because we felt that this would be a go...

The Computer "..."Cannot be Found

Hello. I'm new to Sonos. Just bought a Bridge and Sonos 5 system. I'm using it with a Linksys router. I am having problem importing music into my library from my computer. I keep getting the "compute...

Shuffle function in playlists

As a new user, I'm sure there's an answer here. Have set up a playlist in my Sonos Playlists, but can't see how to "shuffle" the songs therein. Anyone have a solution??

Tips and Tricks and Sonos 101

I was thinking that a tips and tricks heading for Sonos users to share things would be nice. A Sonos 101 heading in trouble shooting that tells them basics things to do when having troubles.

Playbar with LG Magic Remote

I'm using my play bar with lg smart tv and Harmony Remote. It works ok but i wanted to switch to original remote from LG = Magic Remote. Playbar won't recognize this remote if i klick on volume up b...

Beginners Start Here!

If you're reading this it's likely that you have a problem with your new Sonos System. Maybe something doesn't quite work properly, or it doesn't work at all. You now have a few options: 1) Sonos FA...

Getting an "unable to add the music folder" error

Hi My set up was working before but strangely, I get an ‘unable to add the music folder’ error after I moved my macmini to a server closet. I've read through a bunch of threads on this topic but I'm n...

Connecting play 5 to TV

Hi I have just set up a sonos play 5 with a bridge. The bridge and speaker is great but I want to connect the play 5 to my Panasonic Viera TV. I have tried to use a RCA cable with 3.5 jack plug but it...

starting with sonos - getting error 1101

Hello, I just bought sonos play:5 and bridge. I downloaded the latest version 3.7 from sonos.com. The controller easy find the bridge and play:5, and then it tells me that my sonos components ne...

NAS for Mac OS X

What are Mac users using as their NAS. I haven't been able to find a clear "winner" for a Mac. For instance, has the 32 character filename limitation been resolved for the Linkstation? Any recommen...

Sonos vs Squeezebox

I don't yet have a Sonos system, although I am hoping to purchase one next year as I am pretty much sold on the concept. However, my brother is of the opinion that I'd be better off buying a Squeezeb...

How to turn off

I've bought my Sonos system, got it set up and working wonderfully. There's a few questions that I still don't know the answers too. Please can you help? 1. How do you turn your speakers off ? Just u...

Sonos Playbar+Sub vs Bose 3-2-1

I just tested my new Playbar and Sub yesterday. Since my eight year old BOSE 3-2-1 was standing next to it connected to a SONOS Connect unit, of course I started to compare them. I played some movies...

Deleting a ROOM

I accidentally added a room I do not need so it always shows up as an option. I cant find how to delete it. Any help out there?

Existing Sonos System Now Won't Connect - Please Help!!

Hi everyone, I am having a huge problem with my existing Sonos system, which was previously working fine in our house. Please forgive my lack of technical knowledge, I will do my best to explain pro...


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