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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

Alphabetical Sorting of Songs in Sonos Playlists

Sonos does not currently have, as a regular operating feature, the ability to sort songs in a Playlist alphabetically and then return to the original sort order. In my opinion, this would be extremely...

Sonos sucks

This is the most ridiculous system I have ever worked with....constantly fails to connect. Fail to reset....fails just about everything. Do NOT buy this system unless you are dying to spend many frust...

Sonos support for SMB 2.0 protocol

Hi, Recently I have turned off SMB 1.0 on my Windows 10 as per Microsoft's recommendation (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2016/09/16/stop-using-smb1/). However, after I've disabled SMB 1...

New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has...

Sonos Account: No way!

Hello, as a long time customer from Germany with 7 components and many recommendations to friends and family I want to inform you, that I will not create an Sonsos account. I read some postings here a...

Tips and Tricks and Sonos 101

I was thinking that a tips and tricks heading for Sonos users to share things would be nice. A Sonos 101 heading in trouble shooting that tells them basics things to do when having troubles.

Option to turn off volume button sound effect.

I would really like the option to turn off the sound effects for physical buttons on my Play 5. The effects aren't really needed if you think about it. If you're already at a Sonos device and physical...

Create predefined groups

Is there a way to create groups prior to using them? And then save them? I have 8 play:1s scattered through the house. In an ideal world I would have a series of groups (kids room, common areas, down...

Playbar Volume limit

It would be really useful to be able to limit the maximum volume of the Playbar. My kids seem to like it at 90% which is excessively loud. It would be very cool if you could add a volume limit option...

My experience getting 5.1 from the PS4

Hi guys, Just wanted to write a short article on my experience trying to get Dolby Digital 5.1 from the Playstation 4 (not slim, not pro) when playing Blurays with DD5.1, DTS and DTS-HD audio, 'cos I...

iPhone app, version 8 is a bad effort

So disappointed with iPhone 8 App I’ve been working with the new app for a week or two. I don’t get it… I miss the group function when looking at my zones. I don’t like having to switch back to the...

First Sonos Product

This is my first Sonos product (Sonos One), did some research before buying, and checked out the set up process. Must say, the set up is one of the best I've used. Linked to Alexa, Amazon & Apple musi...

Sonos in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Hi everyone, I thought it would be best to start a single thread to bring together all tips and tricks for using Sonos systems in India. I recently got myself a pair of Sonos Ones and have been readi...

Latest update requires a Sonos account? Please knock it off.

I don't want a Sonos account. I have enough accounts out there already. I paid a lot of money for the hub and speakers and now my usage is being held hostage to Sonos' desire for that fat data harvest...

Sharing my new Sonos setup with vinyl player and TV connection

For Xmas I decided to get my dad a new record player so he can listen to his large collection of vinyls, We already had a Sonos system made up of 3x Play 1s and 3x Play 3s. To connect the record playe...

Music Lag between Zones

I am experiencing a couple hundred ms lag between a Sonos Play 3 and 2 Sonos Connects. The Connects are connected to Onkyo Receivers ( NR509 and NR809). I'm learning that this is due to the processing...

Important Note If You're Replacing Your Bridge With a Boost

The order in which you replace your wired Bridge with your new Boost is really important. To avoid wiping out all of the work you've done to make your Sonos system uniquely yours, perform the steps be...

Sonos 101 - Getting Started

New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started. Step 1: Get set up First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here: htt...

Don't Blame Sonos_Everytime

There are so many posts about Sonos products not performing and IMO the majority are user caused for one of two reasons: Wi-Fi Using the Sonos product in a manner not initially intended. Wi-Fi I’ve...

Replacement for CR100

Could Sonos offer a new controller with many of the nice features of the CR100? These would include buttons, scroll wheel, and charging cradle.

A big thank Q to this forum.

Hi all, I’m new to the Sonos theme with my three new Sonos ones, more to follow. I’ve had some teething problems while setting up, router keeps crashing & other small problems. But searching through...

New Hue Sync and SONOS - Mac

So I've ran into this issue and finally found a solution so i thought id share how i came about it. Problem : How to get hue lights to sync to my music playing on SONOS with the newly released Hue S...

Problems connecting my turntable to Play 5 Gen 2

I recently purchased a Pioneer PLX500 with built in pre-amp, and have followed all the connection tips that I could find on the sonos website as well as other sites, but I still can't manage to get mu...

Cover art not displaying

I've just added some MP3s, downloaded together with their cover art, and find the cover art is not displaying - just the generic circle icon. The art files are correctly named "folder.jpg" and they a...

Possible to share a SUB between two zones?

Right now I use a CONNECT with an amplifier and two speakers. But we want to get rid of this setup so I am thinking about a whole new SONOS solution: I would like to have two PLAY:3 and a SUB in...


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