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Beam/Panasonic setup

I have a Panasonic tv. Model TC-42ld24. Reading the stream, I am connected via the proper ARC port. I have no CEC setting in my TV set-up, but following others suggestions tried the Vierra setting f...

Sonos lost access to music on Mac Mini

Hi, Last week I could play music from my Mac Mini. Tonight for some strange reason it would not work. Only issue aware of is we had two power cuts yesterday, but I have restarted router and Mac Mini...

Boost and Linksys Velop

I just upgraded my old Apple Extreme and basestation extender to the Linksys Velop triband mesh network. Since installing I cannot get my speakers to connect via the Sonos Boost. Is there some sort...

Linking Beam and Connect

Hi.....I've just joined and i hope this topic is not dealt with elsewhere. I have a Connect and a Bridge. The Connect is linked to an amplifier and non Sonos speakers. i intend to buy a Beam for anoth...

Soundbase vanishes when TV source is ChromeCast

I’ve read a number of related threads here, but haven’t seen an answer for this. For many years I’ve had a Samsung LN-T2354HX/XAA TV in my home workspace, playing NetFlix thru ChromeCast and broadcas...

Your Sonos System Not Found in Windows app

Hello I have a Sonos system set up that works fine from my mobile, however PC app cannot find it. I'm getting: "Your Sonos System Not Found". Tried the Restart Controller option, same effect. What n...

Beam doen't work with AppleTV HDMI

Hello, I've just received my Sonos Beam, but when I want to set it up with my AppleTV (4th gen) it didn't find any signal (when it look at ARC). My Apple TV is actually connected to an HDMI switcher/...

New beam

Installed to-day,working great with tv and Alexa,I also have two play 1s which I retuned in same room as tv, problem no tv sound through them. Please help

Beam & digital audio out & 8 year old Panasonic tv - looking for advice please

Hi, can you advise on the following please? I'm interested in the Beam. I've a Panasonic Viera (TX-L37G10B, purchased in 2010) which has 3 ’HDMI’ ports (which are all currently used) and a ’Digital...

SONOS will no longer play entire song stored on my i cloud

Sonos has stopped playing any of my songs stored on my i cloud in their entirety. It is very annoying. This never happened before. Has the system gone to the dogs??? What is going on!?!?!?!?

Change router for songs controller

I am using my iPad as Sonos controller. Want to use my new google Wifi fi device, but instructions I have seen say I have to direct connect the iPad to it with Ethernet connection it sees the iPad. No...

Dolby digital 5.1 from SKY Q 2GB , Sonos beam

I have set my beam via HDMI ARC from my TV as recommended but when I change the output from PCM to DOLBY Digital on both SKY Q and TV but there’s no sound coming through.


I have a Samsung Series 6 (55) TV and I connected it to ARC HDMI. however does anyone know why cant I connect sonos to the TV? Is it a samsung setting? I used the optical converter temporarily so it...

Sonos Beam vs. Playbar wifi signal strenght

I replaced my Playbar with a Beam (at the exact same spot in my kitchen "Küche") and noticed a significantly improved wifi signal stregth with the new Beam. The antenna design or wifi sensitivity of t...

Connection problem with Beam and Samsung over HDMI-arc

Evening, I have no luck in connecting my new Sonos beam with my Samsung Q7F smart tv, hdmi-ARc plugged in both ends, HDMI-cec turned on on the Samsung, but the Sonos app cannot connect with the tv. B...

Works with Sonos

Hi I am thinking of upgrading my AV receiver and see new receivers have works with Sonos . I would like to purchase an Onkyo AV Receiver TX RZ730 and would like to connect it to my Sonos Network so am...

Trueplay constantly says too much background noise

I can't get through setting up Trueplay on my Play:3. It first says there's no background noise then each and every time I try to calibrate it stops 15 secs in to say "minimize background noise". I'v...

Using Sonos to monitor multitrack mixdown

How do I set up Sonos so I can monitor a multitrack mixdown ? Is there a driver for this ? I note a previous question on this subject, but this application is different because the tracks have alrea...

Sound cuts out

Just installed a connect for turntable, sound is cutting out

Sonos 5 constantly dropping

This is crazy. I can say in all of my many years of buying electronics, I’ve never seen a forum or the web so full of the same issue. There is no joy in trying to constantly troubleshoot something th...

Adding Speakers

I have a desktop, bridge & 2 Play 1 speakers on my current system. I want to add 2 more. How is this done without uninstall\install?

Setting up the Sonos Beam in Sharp Roku TV

I got new Sonos Beam sound bar today and I am trying to setup the sound bar with my Sharp Roku TV, but i cant able to connect the Audio out. Please help.

Sonos Beam with Play 5 for mid size room

Hi, I already have play 5 and I am planning to get sonos beam. How will the sound output? Can I use play 5 as sub or to enhance the bass? Please advise, If sonos beam and play 5 is not worth it to co...

Sound Quality between Spotify & TV

Hi Everyone So my setup is that I have the Sonos Beam as my playbar and this is positioned in front of my TV. I then have two Play ones as the rear speakers equally spread apart. I have set up the...

Beam setting up with Receiver

I received the Beam today and I am trying to it up. I haven't been able to connect any input source through HDMI. I have an HDMI ARC out on my onkyo receiver, and I also tried connecting my TV directl...


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