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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

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Echoing for TV?

I have my tv setup with a Beam. I also have two play 1’s in my living room behind each side of the couch. When watching tv, if I group them all, there is some significant echoing and I am forced to...

Airplay support on Play:1 speakers

I purchased Play:1 speakers and Sub because Sonos announced they will add support for Airplay 2 via a future software update. This was my way of somewhat future proofing my setup. Now, my iOS Sonos...

Connect AMP as surround

I am trying to setup a connect AMP for surround speakers with my playbar. Here is what I have done: * Connected an ethernet cable from my router to my playbar * Connected an ethernet cable my playba...

Beam work w Roku volume?

Will use HDMI STB port. Can I use the Roku remote to control BOTH the TV on/off and Beam on/off and volume? All on just the Roku remote. Thanks!

Inherited a sonos system.

Hey everyone, Just trying to make sense of what I have here and how it should be configured. Long story short my girlfriends aunt passed and left her her house. In the house there are 3 rooms that ha...

Connect Vizio tv to playbar without optical cable

Just bought a new Vizio P series. Didn't know it didnt come with an optical output. How is the easiest way to connect to my playbar?

Beam HDMI and DreamScreen setup

What's the best way to set up the HDMI path between SONOS Beam, sources, monitor and DreamScreen LED backlights? Trying to gain as much functionality with voice control of all HDMI sources, like cable...

Analog to Digital adapter

Say my Television does not have Optical & HDMI ARC. I believe a solution will be using an Analog to Digital adapter. Assuming I'm able to get a Beam playing from the Tv, will there be any audio delay...

Playbar as 'center' possible?

I'd like a Playbar as center, my Connect/regular speakers as front speakers and a pair of Play:3 as rear speakers. Is this a possible setup or can you just pair a Playbar with Play:3 as a home theater...

Help! This is the worst!

I just bought three Play 1s. Have already spent 2 hours trying every way to set up one speaker with no luck. Gone through every step on an ipad and an iphone. Any suggestions?

Need help connecting bridge to existing wireless network

I have a number of Sonos speakers (8). I recently moved and decided to try to setup the network without using the Sonos Bridge. I noticed the audio was dropping off intermittently so I'd like to con...

Is it possible to play audio simultaneous through sonos optical out and chinch?

The title says it all. Or do i need 2 sonos connect? Thanks!

Volume not working on SonosOne

I have a Sonos One and the volume control when playing music does not seem to work. If I use alexa at a high volume she shouts but when trying to turn up the volume for music it is at a very low level...

Using a DAC with Connect

I wonder if putting a DAC between the SONOS Connect and my amplifier will give a better sound. Has anyone done this?

Wired vs wireless for just some speakers?

I am still pretty new to sonos and wanted to get some advice on setting up wired vs wireless. Here is a little info about my setup. On the first floor I have a beam and 2 ones set up as rears, a one...

Set crossover frequency on new Sonos Amp without connecting a subwoofer?

Is there any way to set the crossover frequency on the new Sonos Amp without having anything connected to the subwoofer output? The manual says: I am trying to drive some tiny Orb speakers with the...

Surround Setup issue

I have two Play 1s and a Playbar. It worked perfectly as a surround setup until yesterday. One of the play 1 disappeared from the setup. I tried all trouble shooting tips. I reset the speakers and tri...

Sonos beam tv is quite when i start up

Every time i start the tv the volume is mute and silent on my Sonos Beam. So i have to turn up the volume every time. When i had the volume to my soround system the volume was on right away. How could...

2 connects

I have a CD player, and a turntable, can I connect each to a separate connect and use both on same system?

2:1 System - Dialogue clarity

Hi all, I currently have a 1:1 system with an Alexa ONE and a Beam on the TV. As Sonos "Surround Sound" cant be achieved with a 1:1 configuration (you need to have 2 x ONEs plus the Beam) then I am co...

Sonos Beam set up

Hi I have currently have x2 Play speakers in my living room set up for playing music, linked as a stereo pair. I've just added a Beam and moved the Play 1's as rear speakers; the app has configured...

play bar connection

can you pair a Sonos play bar and a single play 1 for surround music in one room? also, is it easy to pivot from the soundbar controlling your TV volume only, to then being surround with the play 1 sp...

Setting up Beam without TV

Cannot set up my new beam without a TV to run as a standalone speaker. Need some help?

Sonos to Mac

Hello. How can I have sound from my Mac (youtube, chrome, the Internet generally speaking) to my two Sonos One ? I change to Airplay outband from system preferences --> sound but there is no sound. Ca...

Using a pair of Play 1 set for stereo and a single Play 5 gen2 as a sub/center fill speaker?

Has anyone tried setting up a room with a pair of Play1 units set in stereo and then placing a single Play 5 in between, perhaps setting the EQ to be +++Bass? I currently own two Play 5's, but one is...


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