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System fell apart - can't rebuild

After a recent update everything fell apart, although it may be due to something else that i'm missing. Connect (wired ethernet) Connect Amp, 3 x Play 1 and 2 x Play 3 were all working wonderfully for...

Surround Speakers Fail to Connect at 4th and Inches

After multiple factory resets and attempting what I believe to be every permutation of setup possible, I'm unable to get two Play:1 speakers to successfully connect to a Playbar and complete the setup...

Sonos play bar trying to connect with my old Samsung soundbar

I just got a Sonos PLAYBAR I would like to know if I’m able to connect it with my Samsung soundbar so I can have them going both at the same time?

Sonos One - Does Alexa work in Slovenia, EU

Hi - I just bought Sonos One and have issue activation Sonos One via Alexa app - it says, Discovery Feild. Do you know why is this happening? Is Sonos One not supported in Slovenia, EU or there any o...

setting up surround sound with play bar behind me

one of the rooms in my house has a playbar, 2 play:1s and a subwoofer (5.1 Surround Sound Package with Playbar and Play:1). This room has a projector in it so I have the playbar plugged into an Xbox O...

Can't update 10-year old recently unboxed Sonos Player

I JUST unboxed a 10-11 year old "zone" I had yet to use. My sonos controller recognized it and set it up but it needs to be updated before I can use it. But the updater will not update (I am assuming...

Standard, Boost and PLAYBAR 5.1 network

Hi, I have a standard Sonos network in my kitchen (Connect & 2x Play 1's all runnign on wifi). I will be adding a PLAYBAR, SUB and 2x Play 1's in my lounge (so a PLAYBAR 5 Ghz network), possibly a C...

Wifi password change

Help! I changed my wifi password and now can not connect any of my Sonos products. I followed the video instructions, connecting one speaker via ethernet cable to the router but its still not workin...

Wired in system

Hi. I have various Sonos speakers. I’ve moved into a new house with Ethernet ports in each room so I would like to wire in my system. So I Plug into he speakers and into the port. But what happens she...

Sonos just doesn't work

I'm in the UK and have recently upgraded to BT Fibre Optic Broadband. I have bought a Sonos Bridge (to go mear the router/modem) and a Sonos 5 for my bedroom. It just doesn't work! Neither the Brid...

Wired conection to Connect

Is there any advantage in connecting the Sonos Connect to the internet via Ethernet rather than WiFi

Problem adding connect:amps to existing system

I'm currently running a sound bar, sub, 2-play 1s and a connect:amp. I just purchased 2 more connect:amps but am running into issues trying to add them. The app will identify the new amp, but once I p...

1 Play 5 2nd gen and 1 Play 1 in the same room and grouped together

I have a Play 5 2nd gen and have the possibility to get a cheap Play 1. Will this improve the quality of sound in the way that the music will not come only from the front? The layout of my room is si...

Unable to connect second unit of play 1

Hi there. When my setup nearly complete always this pop up n try again n again. Anything i can do ?

Using Sonos in Mauritius

Hi there is anyone using Sonos successfully in Mauritius? Especially in conjunction with Spotify. I'd really appreciate your views.

Setup Connect with Amp and turntable

I already have a turntable set up to play through an amp with phono output built in and have a good speaker set-up that i dont want to change. How do i set up the Connect directly wirh the amp? Most g...

first set up.. cant connect my sonos play 1 at all

i following the step from the sonos apps to start my set up for my play 1.. playe 1 speakers can be detected when setup process start. but every time once reach to "Press the buttons on your PLAY:1" s...

No Internet

I am told by Sonos live chat that I cannot use Sonos play 1s without an internet connection, but I keep seeing in forums that you can make a wifi network from a router without internet and play the sp...

Frustrated to no end with Sonos 5.1

I'm ready to throw the stuff away! For about 2 years I had a Sonos 5.1 setup running perfectly along with other Sonos speakers in the network (Playbar, sub, two play 3's as surrounds and 2 play 1's i...

stream sonos to airport express

I want to use the sonos controller on computer, iphone, etc to stream music to an airport express connected to a stereo receiver. Anyone know if this is possible?

Merging 2 lives - me and gf move into a new spot

Girlfriend and I are moving into a new apartment together.... Girlfriend - has 2 Sonos speakers on her old network. Me - I have 2 Sonos speakers on my old network. Us - got a new apartment with a...

Sonos support for SMB 2.0 protocol

Hi, Recently I have turned off SMB 1.0 on my Windows 10 as per Microsoft's recommendation (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2016/09/16/stop-using-smb1/). However, after I've disabled SMB 1...

Order of tracks

I'm ripping CDs on Windows Media Player, where the songs all appear in the right order. On my Sonos screen, the songs are all in alphabetical order. I've gone to File>Preferences>Library>Viewing your...

Sonos CR100 not supported after 8.5 upgrade without warning.

I upgraded my Sonos system (I have owned Sonos for more than 10 years) to 8.5 version and after the upgrade, the install then tells me that my controllers are no longer supported. I only get this mess...

Create predefined groups

Is there a way to create groups prior to using them? And then save them? I have 8 play:1s scattered through the house. In an ideal world I would have a series of groups (kids room, common areas, down...


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