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BOOST wired to Router but not player

Quick question guys. My system is 1 x playbar, 1 x playbase, 1 x play 3, 1 x play 5 and 6 x play 1. Recently moved house the speakers are now spread out over a larger area. 99% of the time no issues b...

Tenda MW3 AC 1200 Mesh network issue

I have multiple Sonos and am trying to use a Tenda MW3 AC1200 mesh network, when I turn off my normal 2.4 WiFi and try and connect the Sonos to the new mesh network it cant find it? any ideas?

Alexa Account setup autosyncing to wrong email account

Hello, When I tried to use Sonos to create a new Alexa account, I accidentally typed my email address in wrong. Now if I try to set up Alexa through my Sonos app again, I start the process but the So...

Playing DVDs and BluRays through the Beam

I have connected the Beam to the HDMI(ARC) port on my TV but all I get is a screenful of patterns. Where am I going wrong?

Non Mesh Sonosnet?

Hey I need help to determine if my setup is optimal. I have 3 connects, 1 connect amp, playbar+sub, and new beam. All my devices are connected by ethernet. So I have a sonosnet setup and confirmed...

Riculous needing Ethernet

This is more of a comment that I have to get off my chest then a question. I’ve been searching the forums so I think I already found my answer and I just can’t comprehend it. How could a product that’...

Connecting 4 speaker wires to 2 posts

Hello all. I recently had to totally disconnect my entire Sonos systems to accommodate new floors being installed in our home. In reconnecting my controllers I've come to standstill: the connection...

App won't open on Galaxy S8

New phone. Downloaded the Sonos app no problem. But when I open it, it goes to ascreen that says "All your music in one app" and then stops. There is no mechanism for me to do any input at all. I u...

Beam won't connect to Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D

I've connected the Beam to my Sony Bravia XBR‑55X930D TV via the HDMI 4 port (which is the one they spec for ARC), but the Sonos app says it sees no signal. So I tried the digital audio out from the...

Wired or not?

I have a really basic question. Is there any advantage to hard wiring my Beam to my router vs. using it wirelessly? Thanks in advance!

Trying not to lose my Sonos playlists

Hi All, hope you can help. I have a Play 5, 2 ZP80s and a ZP100 (had Sonos since 2007!). I have a lot of Sonos playlists, and I am under the impression reading various threads that they cannot be ba...

Sonos ZP Play:1 How to setup network on ethernet port ?

I have a Sonos ZP Play:1 which is currently connected on WiFi and online. I would like to disable that and only set network connectivity over the Ethernet port. I tried to plug in a network cable but...

Minimum Set Up for Sonos

I was at a wedding for my niece on the weekend and it got me thinking about the minimum setup required to play music on a Sonos system. Is it possible to use a cel phone as a router and a controller...

Sonos Beam No audio with Samsung UN82NU8000

Hello, We are IT for business. our executives asked us attach a Sonos Beam to their new samsung UN82NU8000 TV. We have tried ARC and the included optical adapter and the TV won't play audio throu...

Use Play-1 on 2 different routers

Hi, As I frequently move between one place and another, I want to use my Play-1 on both places. However, these 2 locations have different internet addresses. How can I switch from one address to ano...

Help with adding speakers

Hi Im currently having problems with my new set up in that my original play 5 no longer has sound. I recently bought my first sonos product, a 2nd gen play 5. I originally had this set up on its own...

Beam voice comands to play 1s in the kitchen?

I’m considering this set up and would like opinions. A beam in the living room with 2 play1s in the kitchen (kitchen and living room are essentially one big room) 1. If the beam alone is being used o...

denon dm41dab + sonos connect

Hi community. I would appreciate some feedback to the following question. I'm intending to purchase a denon dm41dab and a sonos connect. I already have a few play 1's, beam, and sub. I understan...

Sonos Bridge (keeping it) to connect with Sonos speakers and amps

Hello, Is using Bridge still allow Sonos devices kept out of the wireless LAN/wifi? This is really a follow up to the comments i received in my older posts, https://en.community.sonos.com/setting-u...

Syntax for the conection of a Time Capsule as music file server

Hello there! The problem has been discussed previously, but the discussion is apparently not inline anymore. My problem is to connect to the Sonos system a disk partition "Music", on a Apple's Time Ca...

2nd Music Library using my NAS?

Is it possible to have a 2nd music library on my NAS? Currently, my Sonos is pointing to a reduced subset of my whole library but now I feel I could put my whole library on there and wonder if this is...

Get me back. To the previous version of sonos

The new version is completely unusable .... why does sonos think i have volunteered to go round and round menus options `when the previous version works fine.

Advice on open plan living/dining room setup.

Hello I have a completely open plan living and dining room, both rooms are standard rectangles and identical in size. Currently I have a 3.1 setup in the living room with the TV plugged into a Playb...

Connecting my LG Projector to Sonos:Connect & Play:5

Hi there, I have an LG PF1500, which is an amazing projector with bluetooth, optical cables, lip sync delay, etc, and I am hoping to connect it to my wonderful Sonos Play:5 speakers. Researching onlin...


Hello, I have an all new system. I can connect to the devices. Then the app states I need to update. I tried both with my note 8 and iphone x. Its just continues to keep looking for an update and nev...


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