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Anything and everything about setting up your Sonos system. How do you Trueplay your Sonos system? Wondering if you should use a cabled setup versus a wireless Sonos setup? This is the place to get answers.

Isolating a Sonos Unit

Hey all, We have a Sonos system here at my job, with one unit for each section of the restaurant. One is just in my department, which is basically isolated from everything else, and I'm looking for a...

Sonos 5.1 surround volume

I am new with Sonos and have recently setup Sonos 5.1 setup with play bar connected to tv via optical cable, 2 play1's as left and right rear speaker and sub My concerns or questions 1. Should I us...

Party Mode Not Working

I have 3 Sonos Play 1's. My first 2 connected just fine and grouped perfectly, I added a 3rd one today and it will not group with the first 2. What can I do? The first 2 I have are stereo'd as L+R,...

Switching system to another network and account

Hi, I got a house that comes with so many Sonos products from the previous owner. My questions is - what's the strategy here to switch Sonos account and wifi settings? The previous owner left an iP...

Play one socket

Can I power a sonos play one speaker from a 5 amp (lighting) socket ?

Can't Pair my laptop to Sonos zp80

I downloaded the desktop controller onto my mac and trying to pair it to an existing sonos system. When I choose "pair with existing" It tells my that the Sonos has paired successfully, however when I...

Marantz 2238b to either Connect or Connect:Amp

What would be the best way to connect a Marantz 2238b to a Connect or Connect:Amp? From the Pre Out on the receiver to the In on the Connect and then from the out on the Connect to the Main IN on the...

Apple TV 4 Remote & Sonos One

I am trying to get my Apple TV remote volume controls to control the volume of the Sonos One's but for some reason it isn't working. Is this at all possible? If so, what steps am I missing?

Garage Set up for Newbie here

I need help with a garage set up

Sonos connects to radio on Mac but not to music library

My Sonos speaker used to connect fine to my music library on my iMac. I moved house and tried to connect again and now the radios work but none of the music in my music folder. I updated Sonos softwar...

Playbar setup questions

Pretty happy with the Playbar so far, but have a few questions: 1) I initially had my Playbar laying on a TV console but have since mounted it to the wall. Do I need to change a setting somewhere, or...

Wifi Mesh - Deco M5

Recently I setup wifi mesh for my network using TPLink Deco M5. However, when I'm using operating mode as "Router", my Sonos unable to detect the new wifi although I setup the bridge from my sonos to...

tru play setup

i bought my sonos speakers recently a play 1 play 3 and beam and being keen to setup quickly i did it using my android phone forgetting to use my ipad to setup with truplay. however now ive set it up...

I'm comp. dumb.

When I add cd's to comp. [Windows media player], go to sonos manage,- update music library, cd's always download to sonos. I have downloaded songs to comp. from a web site to "Save As" wave sound [Ne...

5.1 rear speakers for music only?

Hello, I am setting up a 5.1 system with a Playbar and two rear ceiling speakers, probably powered by the new Sonos Amp and connected by LAN. The room is a large open plan living room and kitchen....

Sonos is misleading people in the speakers functionality.

I've got a SONOS Play 1, it won't play sound from my laptop, movies, TED Talks, You Tube etc. Many people have been misled by this product. Please tell me your story and any ideas you have about chang...

Best setup options to save some walls

Hi everybody! I am a Sonos newbie (don't even have my Sonos yet) and I am thinking about the best setup options for my house. I would like to install a couple of Sonos One in my living room and anot...

Wired Home

Hi all, Looking for some advice and help. I recently purchased a home that was wired (for speakers),however, no AMP or speakers were installed. I decided to purchase 4 Sonos connect AMPs and 4 sets...

Error 1101

Hi, I've been struggling to solve an issue with my play 1. I live in a building and use an open wifi shared accross the whole building which requires to login on a webpage to use it. I'm trying to set...

SONOS is accessible from multiple WiFi networks

Hi all, I currently have a setup of 5 songs speakers (3 ONE's and 2 Play:1's) in our youth area. For weeks it hasn't been a problem having them on our wifi network, however, last week one of my studen...

How many speakers can you put on one set up?

I had a Player, Sub and 2 Play 1's set up in my old lounge - the room has now be extend to double the original size. I am thinking of getting 2 more Play 1's The room is approx 8m x 8m with 500mm col...

Setting up MusicBee to work with SONOS and Network Drive

I've given up using iTunes to manage my library, and have gone to MusicBee (free, and it works great). Here's the process to set up MusicBee: Background: I have a memory stick hanging off my ASUS rout...

Sonos not found in Logitech Harmony Hub

I have attempted multiple times to add Sonos to my Harmony Hub. I have the 5.1 system with the Beam and 2 Play:1 in one room and 2 additional Play:1 in two other rooms. When I follow the steps to ad...

Add sub option to ConnectAMP is missing

I have two room configs using ConnectAMP and I removed existing sub from room 1 intending to move to other room. Unfortunately, no room is showing add sub option at all. Using sonos app in android but...

Sonos Controller on Windows 10 not opening fully

Hello the controller for Sonos on my Windows 10 is not opening fully. Instead, the app just displays the logo and then closes. Is this a common problem, or is the problem with my computer? Thank you


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