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Two homes, one app/account?

I have Sonos devices (one Play:5 + two Play:1), in different locations (not moving them around or anything). Is there a way I can use the same phone, with the same app and account, for both places?...

No TV sound from Sony KDL-55HX800 to Playbar

Digital output is connected. I've tried audio out "Fixed" and "Variable". Speakers are set to "Audio System". Very frustrating. Diagnostic Confirmation Number 1020016871

College Connection

Hi! I was wondering, can I connect a Play:1 via ethernet on a college connection?

Sonos can't find wifi with Airport Express (1st Gen)

I moved and my new roommate has wifi set up with an Airport Express 1st Generation. I'm setting up my Sonos play 3 as a new system, but the app doesn't see the wifi network, and I can't wire direct in...

VOLUME Limiter & PARTY mode preset volume (equal level)

As most of you probably know most of the receivers have a Volume Limiter and Startup Volume. It's been that way close to 20 years. Sonos should LAB reference what is the highest any of their respectiv...

Connecting a Connect:Amp

I am trying to add a connect Amp to my system with a turntable connected to the amp. No speakers on the connect amp at this time but I cannot figure out how to do it. Nothing shows up in my Sonos app.

SONOS and Satellite Internet

Didn't really see the answer I was looking for in previous posts. I called tech support and didn't get an answer either. I have a client who has HughesNet satellite internet with a 25mbps connection (...

Only Play:1 fails connection to Sonosnet, MAC/SN corrupted or router issue?

Just switched to new wifi Draytek Vigor router, now Play:1 refuses to connect via Sonosnet (Bridge plugged in to Vigor provides Sonosnet). A bit weird this one - 2x Play:3 and Play:5 connect fine, but...

Pairing problem

Speakers wont work together. Keeps telling me my speakers are not linked to my account i link them successfully and then goes back to same spearer not linked

Distorted audio through Connect.

I have my record deck connected to my Connect box (via a phono preamp) but when I connect a Sonos speaker to the Connect, the audio is extremely loud and distorted. It's hard to get to a manageable le...

Cannot group my Play1, 3 and Sonos One on 5G

I have a Play 1, and a Play 3, on Wifi 5G. I tried to add my Sonos One to 5G to no avail, so now have to switch to 2.4G to group them all together. How can I get the Sonos One on 5G? Thanks in advance...

New Wifi with Huawei B310s

I have a second wifi in the house running through a Huawei B310s 4g router (as my current broadband is so poor!) This router doesnt have an ethernet port to be able to plug my rather old sonos connect...

Getting 1001 errors after multiple resets and updates...

Hi! I’ve updated speakers ( 2 x play1 and 1 x play5 ) via a boost setup and the Sonos controller keeps losing the speakers and reporting 1001 errors - I’ve tried hard resets and deleted app and resta...

re-connecting Sonos Play1

I was away from home and my Sonos speakers were switched off. I can't connect one speaker to the system even when connected directly to the router; it just keeps flashing the red LED light. It worked...

Sonos Connect Directly to Wifi?

I have a Sonos Connect that is connected to my Receiver, which is not located next to my router. Can the Sonos Connect connect to the router through Wifi or do I need to purchase a Bridge that connec...

Multi-Speaker Room Placement Advice

Hello Sonos Community, I have (2) Sonos Play 1 speakers in my kitchen-area and wanted to know some recommendations about speaker placement that will give me the best sound. I can either place the spe...

Get rid of the annoying update request

Having spent almost $3000 on a system and a Macmini, I now cannot use any of it as the latest controller insists on looking for an update. My system is installed at a place that does NOT have interne...

Play 5 is found but sync connect button doesn't work

I've tried setting up my play 5 now multiple times. Wirelessly, as well as with the Ethernet cord. It always gets to the part where you push the connect button and wait for the chime. Mine never chime...

mac/pc app to control speakers in house?

Have a play 1. Like sound. Understand how it works w/ iPhone. Question. Is there a way to control the play 1 using my desktop(mac) ? Thank you in advance,

Sonos One - Does Alexa work in Slovenia, EU

Hi - I just bought Sonos One and have issue activation Sonos One via Alexa app - it says, Discovery Feild. Do you know why is this happening? Is Sonos One not supported in Slovenia, EU or there any o...

Playbar setting

How can I re install my playbar correctly?

Can't get Play 1 to work in different city location

I purchased one Play 1 speaker for FL and already have app installed as I have system at home in OH. Can't get this new one to hook into app. Support said to hit reset on app but all it does is stay...

Do all my Sonos speakers need to be on to connect to only one of them?

I have a sound bar and 2 play ones which was setup as a surround system. I then decided to move the two play one's into seperate rooms. However, I can only connect to the play one's in the seperate ro...

how to add Sub with amp-connect?

I can't seem to add my existing sub to system using amp connect. can anyone help

Multiple Sonos Accounts for Multiple houses

How can you have multiple Sonos accounts at multiple houses? We have Sonos at our main residence and I would like to install Sonos at our vacation house too. How can I set that up without disturbing t...


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