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Connect Sonos 5 1st generation to Samsung 6 smart tv as Audio output

The tv has a digital audio output ,how can the speaker be connected to the TV. The speaker has a aux or rca jack and tv only has a digital audio output no aux outlet?

Sonos Drops Out

iPhone App keeps resetting and asking to reinstall Sonos device. I have a wifi extender in my house due to problems in the wifi penetrating thick walls.so i have 2 wifi networks (with same password)....

Redirect Sonos Playlist to files moved to NAS

I moved my files from my C drive to my new NAS. Unfortunately my Sonos Playlists aren't working now that files arent in the same location, despite having same tagging & files structure (except for C...

Network Name

I’m trying to connect my sonos:5 on the app using a personal hotspot from another phone. i’ve got to the stage where it is asking me to enter a network name. i’ve tried entering the name of the hotspo...

Sonos play 5

How can i connect my tv from optical to 3.5mm?i have trying to use a connector and it doesn’t work at all

Connect AMP - availability and single speaker setup

I am building a new house and would like to built in speakers in the ceiling in the rooms up front. Since Sonos do not have built-in speakers, I was thinking I would find some good 3rd party speakers...

Marantz mcr611 et sonos

Bonjour, J'ai une marantz mcr611 qui fait wifi dlna.... J'ai une paire de play 1 et une play 5... Le tout dans la même pièce. Comment faire pour écouter le son de ma marantz mcr611 sur mon ensemble...

can't add my music to the sonos

Hi, i have my sonos a couple of years but never encountered problems adding my music from a hard disk to the system but lately i get the error that there is not enough room. Is there a maximum amount...

Setting up sonos with two wifi networks

Hi everyone. I have a property that we are just installing the Sonos system to a couple of rooms. We have a large basement with two rooms, the first room has the virgin router with play 1s and play...

Two Wifi networks, two Sonos Ones, how can I use them ?

Hi please can anyone help I live in a house with very thick concrete floors and walls and consequently we have to have two wifi routers in the house, one upstairs (lounge) and one downstairs (Garden...

Can i connect amps to my network through eachother aka in series or do i need to connect them each to the router

i am trying to hardwire all my amps as i constantly lose connection to certain rooms. i want to know if i need to run wires from each amp back to the router or if i can connect them in series ie conne...

Connect Amp & Outdoor Speakers

I have 4 jensen speakers EHT-8 (2 x 2 pairs, see specs below) and want to connect them to Connect Amp. My son says if I do this I will blow up the speakers or connect amp. Is he right? Thankyou in ad...

Can't connect Sonos Play3 to app

I bough a Sonos Play 3 second hand. I downloaded the app on my iPhone. It won't let me connect. Instead of a green light blinking, I only see a white light blinking.

How Play Any Media From Android?

I have done a pretty comprehensive search but have not seen two issues addressed directly. So, two questions. 1) Is it possible to get Sonos to play any sound / music / podcast that my Android phone...

What discovery protocols are used by Sonos?

We're trying to set up a Sonos Connect on a corporate network. The Connect device, as well as the client device (an Android phone) are both on the same SSID, using the same VLAN. We have allowed bro...

Mesh whole house routers: are they all bad news with Sonos?

I just moved into a 5500 square-foot home and have been researching mash router systems. It would appear that all of them seem to have trouble working with Sonos. I have been using an Orbi system b...

Possible STP issue with Cisco 3750G and Sonos One

Running a Sonos One connected to a 3750 via ethernet, with the remainder of Players (Play 1s) connected via SonosNet. I'm experiencing sporadic behaviour when requesting Alexa to play music from servi...

TV Sound through Sonos Speakers?

I recently purchased two Sonos Play3's, a Sonos Connect, a receiver (Denon AVR-x1400) and an Amazon Echo. I've got it most of the way set up. I can stream the music fine. I can give commands to Alexa...

Stereo pair positioning from the sides?

I live in a fairly cramped studio and do not have the space to set up a stereo pair in the traditional manner of them in front of me and separated by X feet. Am I able to set them up with one directly...

Setting up multi Room with Play 5 Bar and bass

I just recently bought a play 5 and want to create a multi room set up, where when you have music it is playing in the room that you are in, i understand that Sonos has this ability as you move from...

Sonos one issues

About a week ago, when I tried to ask Alexa a questions she responded with "Sorry I am having trouble understanding right now. Please try again later," and has been saying that ever since. When I try...

Auto ungroup surround sounds when using Connect

Apologies is this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. I currently have 2x play1, playbar, and sub set up as surround sound, I also have my record player in the same room, linked to Sonos v...

Kicked out whenever I plug RCA cables into Connect

Hi! I’ve got a Connect with an optical out going to my receiver — I’m connecting to some analogue hard-wired speakers, and that part of my set-up works just fine. However, I’d like to play my turntabl...

Music suddenly stops playing.

I used to have a Sonos:3 and have now replaced it with a stereo pair of Sonos: and I have had this problem on both configurations. When I play downloaded music (tracks) from my iPhone 8 Plus, the musi...

Connection type

Hello everyone Can I connect my system to my mobile internet connection, or does it have to be my landconnected wi-fi? Thanks


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