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Can't update to 8.2

I have two Sonos ZP100's, 1 ZP90, and one Play 5, Gen 1. I can't update to 8.2 on any of the units except the ZP90. All of the others fail over and over again - typically an error 30. I have tried res...

New Eeros networking

I can’t seem to connect my Sonos to my new Eeros network. Please help.

3 Zone Set Up

Hi - Ok, I am just finishing building a house, but need some help with the sound equipment. I have a 5.1 system in the living room, 2 speakers in the pool room and 2 speakers on the patio. They are...

How to change the region of product registration

Is there any way I can change the location of registration of the Sonos from Hong Kong to China? My Sonos will be used most of the time in China, while t is registered under HK that most of the music...

Can't add folder to music library

Hi, I am running a Windows 7 desktop machine with a folder for all my music. The account to log-in is a domain account that has privileges for accessing the music library. When I try to add the music...

browse of music library has stopped working

A couple of things have changed recently . I normally play music (play1) via an SMB share from by nas (a qnap) recetly I noticed that TwonkyMedia has started to appear on a "browse list" ...it does n...

Connecting SONOS only using Wifi (no router)

I have 3 x Play1 and 1 x Sonos PlayBar. I have always had at least one of the SONOS devices connected to a router. I recently moved into a new unit complex where there is only Wifi and no cords/rout...

Problems switching from wi-if to boost

Originally set up a playbar in one room and Play:3 in another using my wi-fi. Just installed a boost and a full system for TV - all the new stuff is available via boost now, but I can’t access my pri...

Ready to throw this out the window

Just a bought a boost as well as an extra speaker for my bedroom. when setting up the bedroom everything else in my system now can't be recognized and/or setup. After going through 2 sets of softwar...

Can't Connect

Hi all, Out of the blue I now can't connect to my Sonos system? It was working perfectly this morning and now won't connect at all. I have rebooted the router, uninstalled the app, tried even setting...

Unable to update old Sonos System (ZonePlayer ZP100)

I am trying to set up this ZonePlayer, and I get an Error code: 11 every time I try to update the Sonos (firmware?). I have it plugged directly into the router, it's able to be found by both mobile an...

Changed router cannot connect Play 5

I've upgraded to Fibre Broadband so a new router has been provided so I needed to reconnect my Play 5 to the new network.The instructions provided by Sonos say connect the Play 5 direct to Router usin...

Sonos Account Help

Just purchased a Sonos Play 1 to add to my existing Sonos system When I try to add the Play 1, it asks for the full e-mail address but when I type it in, it says it is not recognised!! I know I have...

Optical cable splitter recommended for sky q

We have been having trouble getting new playbase to output any sound through sky q. Sky engineer suggested we would need an optical cable splitter to link Sonos to both tv and sky box. This is not how...

Wifi turns off when setting up Sonos

I follow directions for setting up Sonos to my wifi using the app on my Android phone. It identifies the wifi I want to use, and I enter the password for my wifi, but as I work through the setup, I g...

Cutting out

Please help I have 3 SONOS Connect zone players (and a PLAY3). All three are wired to the router (which is about 3ft away, via a high performance switch). The lights are on at the back and flashing s...

Trying to re set up Sonos

Our Sonos speaker was set up on a wifi network I don't have access to the password for, or a player for (the ipad was taken to a different location). I felt my only option was to factory reset the sp...

Can only hear tv through all speakers when tv play ar I on

I have a sonos tv sound bar in my lounge, with three sonos ones across the house in different rooms. If the tv is not on there’s no problem. However if the tv is on I can’t play music in the other roo...

Range Extender issues

I have just bought a new Sonos Play:1 for my office so that I can listen to music in different parts of the office. The internet connection has been pretty poor for months now, so I had the IT guys co...

Play Sonus One through existing sound system

I've never owned a Sonus but I'm thinking of getting the new Sonus One, my question is can I connect it to my existing sound system either via bluetooth or a cable so when I ask the sonus to play a so...

Error adding network share

I used to have a network share (Synology NAS) up and running on my Play:1, Play:3 & Play:5. However, the IP address of the share has changed (dynamically, I think) and the library (of some 50,000 trac...

Removing a Sonos product from account

How do you remove one of the Sonos devices from the products on your account?

Adding to my setup...

I have a music system consisting of two Sonos Ones and a Sub. I want to purchase a Soundbase to use for my TV audio, replacing a Zvox unit. Will the Soundbase automatically converge itselt into my A...

TV doesn't have Optical output

Philips TV doesn't have an optical output so i can't get the SONOS system to work through the TV. Sonos tech support recommended that I purchase a Monoprice 4x1 HDMI switch and i have no idea how to...

Onkyo Receiver/ Turntable/ Sonos Connection?

Hey there. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of moving towards sonos surround sound. Currently I have two Bose 301 series bookshelf speakers, a Klipsch 12" Subwoofer (that doesn't work), a U-turn...


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