Yamaha with Apple TV and Sonos

  • 21 December 2018
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I would like to play my tv on mute but have my Sonos music playing on my surround sound.

Currently, I have a Yamaha receiver. A little old.

Lg tv plugs into one hdmi input.

My Apple TV is plugged into hdmi output.

I have a Sonos connect connected to Yamaha with optical.

I have surround sound (inherited with our new house) that is connected to Yamaha thru red/white.

Right now I can stream music through Sonos connect to surround sound speakers when I have Yamaha set to AV1.

TV is set to hdmi 2.

So I can’t play them together. If I want music then tv is set to some generic screensaver.

What do I need to do to have the tv on mute while I stream music?

Thanks in advance!

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4 replies

Hi. Does anyone have input on this topic?
OK, I'm going to state what I think you're saying.

1) You want to be able to watch the TV, without having the TV's sound on, instead listening to music.

2) You're currently using an "older" Yamaha receiver as a switch box for the TV and sound.

3) The TV is connected on the HDMI2 input on the Yamaha via an HDMI cable.

4) An Apple TV is connected to the Yamaha with an HDMI cable.

5) You have a Sonos CONNECT attached to the AV1 input on the Yamaha with an optical cable.

6) You have a 5.1 system of speakers connected to the Yamaha receiver.

So, what you need to do is separate the Yamaha as acting as the "switch" that controls what is on the TV and sound. Currently, it's acting as both sound and vision controller. But, if you were to separate the Apple TV, and plug it directly into the TV, which would then allow you to listen to anything you want, you'd lose your surround sound capabilities. Not ideal.

There's no effective way to do what you want, unless you instead get some other Sonos speakers. Because your Yamaha is driving all of your surround system, it has to be in the path of the video, and will control what is heard based on what is shown on the TV, and give you surround sound.

Your best bet would be to get an extra Sonos speaker, and use that to play whatever music you want while the TV is on, and muted.
While I wished for a better solution I appreciate this thorough reply. I suspect you’re 100% correct. Many thanks!
Sorry that it can't be as easy as you want. Electronics is often that way, there's the whole pesky way that physics and electronics work.