Xfinity Xfi Pods Arris Router with Sonos Boost System not working

  • 2 June 2018
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I just got a new modem/router from Comcast/Xfinity and set up a new wifi system in my house (also using the new Xfinity Xfi pods. I have an Arris TG1682G router from Xfinity that I use to have hooked up to a Cisco router. Since I now have the Xfi pods, I no longer am using the Cisco router. The pods seem to be helping with coverage in the house. I plugged in my Sonos Boost directly into the Arris router (they use to be plugged into the Cisco router when I had my previous wifi set up). I can not get the Boost to work. My iPhone X is connected to the new wifi. When I open the Sonos app I get a message on the sonos screen that says I am on the RH wireless network, but Sonos isn't. Go to Settings>wifi and change the network sonos is on. I went to the phone settings, wifi settings and I am on the new wifi. I went to the iPhone settings and checked the Sonos app settings but did not see anything that told me I was on a wifi network or any settings that gave me the option. I have unplugged/reset the Sonos Boost, I have unplugged some of my sonos speakers. What else can I do to get my sonos back on and hooked up to my new wifi? Is hooking up the boost directly to the Arris router the problem? Is there a good workaround?

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1 reply

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Hey there, Hurlow. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Have you had a chance to check out this helpful FAQ about your particular router?

Be sure to check out the section named: "Network hardware that is incompatible with Sonos but a workaround or fix is available"

Do you happen to have any other Sonos devices plugged into the network? Thanks!