Wiring connect to an emotiva amp

  • 23 June 2019
  • 3 replies

I have an Emotiva xpa e that has three speaker outputs and a single line in for each output. How do I wire the Left / right output from the Sonos into the single line inputs.

3 replies

Quite possibly the worst website pictures I've seen. I can't tell what kind of inputs are on that device? Can you share what they are/look like?
Ah, found the manual here:

Looks like each amplifier is for a single channel, and uses the RCA jack input at the top.

So you'd take the analog output jacks on the CONNECT, and connect the left channel to the amp section you're using to drive your left speaker to the RCA jack on that, and the right one to the amp section you're using to drive your right speaker.
Thank you Bruce. Had started trial and error but your comment was really helpful