Wireless Zone Players (ZP120) Side by Side

  • 25 April 2010
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Hi -

I have speaker wiring for two rooms going to one closet. I have installed two zone players in that closet that are operating wirelessly.

I have had intermittent issues with one or the other dropping from the system and/or auido dropouts.

Could this be because they are right next to each other? In other words, is it not recommended to place two of them right next to each other?

I can extend one set of speaker wires so that the two players are not right next to each other, but would still be within 10 - 15 feet.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies

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Sorry, I can't really help with your problem - I'm sure someone here will be able to help you though, and hope you get it resolved soon.

But I can tell you that I have had two pairs of ZP100s side by side operating flawlessly for over 4 years. In one of the pairs, one ZP100 is wired and the other wireless. The other pair at the other end of the house are both wireless.


Cooling is more of an issue than wireless interference between ZonePlayers in close proximity. As long as you have good air circulation, wireless ZP120's an inch or two apart are not a problem.

In your case, I suspect that there is a wireless signal strength or RF interference issue. Make sure that the SONOS system and your WiFi are using different RF channels. Restrict you use of WiFi channels to 1,6, or 11. Depending on the construction of your home, the pair of ZP120's may not be getting enough signal from the wired ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge located elsewhere.

Changing the SONOS RF channel is a quick and easy first step.

If you have a SONOS handheld controller, turn OFF the two problem ZP120's and place the CR100 or CR200 at the ZP120's location. You need two bars of signal strength for solid system operation. While I've seen systems operate flawlessly at one bar, this is on the edge and one could have good and bad days.

If signal strength is your issue, moving the two problem ZP120's or the wired ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge can have a profound positive or negative effect on signal strength.

A ZoneBridge placed about mid way between ZonePlayers that are a little too far apart usually solves the issue.

SONOS support is a good resource because they have access to the diagnostic routines that are very useful for pinpointing RF signal strength and interference issues.

Keep a written log of events because you may discover an unexpected correlation with other events -- such as the use of a 2.4GHz cordless phone, baby monitor, microwave oven, or a WiFi access point that is using "wide" channels or a "turbo" mode.


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