wireless range extender issue

  • 1 September 2017
  • 6 replies

I switched my wifi password and am having trouble getting everything back connected. I keep getting the message that some sonos players are using the range extender. I had the extender prior to swapping the password. Is there a way to clear everything and start from scratch so the speakers will not connect to the extender?

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6 replies

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Are you wanting to factory reset the speakers? If so, be aware that you will lose names of the speakers/playlists/account information that you have entered to connect to services, etc.
If that is what you want:
Unplug the power cord from the electrical wall outlet. Press and hold the Play/Pause button while simultaneously plugging the power cord back into the electrical wall outlet. Continue holding the Play/Pause button until the light begins flashing amber and white.

If not, I would try the settings - advanced settings - wireless setup option.
Thanks for the reply. I do not really want to start over if there is a better way. The issue is I can not get the speakers to hook up because I think some of them are connected to the extender for some reason. The wireless setup option just tells me to plug a speaker into the router and then change the password but I already changed the wifi password and the wireless setup will not go to the next step
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Okay, so some are connected and some are not?
If so, I would factory reset the ones that aren't connected. To test this first though, I would unplug them from power and open up the app to see if everything was still there on the player that does have power. My theory is that when you re-add the reset players to your working network of speakers, everything will be copied over.

If none are connected, I would follow this procedure (with the range extender unplugged):

If that doesn't work, I would try moving one speaker next to the new router and plugging it in via e-net, then power the rest of the speakers off and factory reset them and re-add them.
Seems like a good idea I will try it with one of them that is not working and see if the factory reset will connect it back.
well i really thought that was going to work. I have 2 that work fine but 2 I can not get reconnected for some reason. I tried the factory reset and even renamed it but I still get the message that some of my speakers are connected to the extender. Maybe the ones that are working are on the extender? Is there a way to change which speaker is the master..if there is such a thing?
thanks for the help. I ended up disconnecting the range extender....setup all the speakers and plugged the range extender back in and it seems to be holding....hopefully they stay connected.