Wireless Headphones and Playbase: Connect of Optical Audio Splitter?

Hi everyone! I know a version of the headphones to playbar/playbase question has been asked in other forums within this community, but as far as I was able to see, none of the questions discussed use of an optical audio splitter as a potential solution. I am trying to connect wireless headphones (Sennheiser RS 175) to an existing system that includes a Sonos system (Playbase and two Play:1s), a tv (Sony XBR55X900E), and multiple other media connected to the TV (bluray, gaming system, Tivo, etc.). In order to use the headphones at night (instead of the full Sonos system), would I need to invest in a Sonos Connect or would it be possible to use an Optical Audio Splitter (e.g., VIMVIP 3 Way In / Out Digital Toslink Optical Audio Splitter Manual Switch) to direct sound from the TV to either the Sonos system or the headphones? Thank you in advance for any of your suggestions, and happy holidays!

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Hi. You seem to be a bit unclear whether it is the TV you want to listen to or your Sonos music. For TV sound I would suggest connecting to the TV headphone socket using a BT transmitter if necessary. For music I suggest using your phone to play / stream music.

Sonos make loudspeakers and I don't think you can in any true sense listen to Sonos through headphones.
John, thanks. You answered a different question than the one I was looking for help with. My apologies if I was not clear. I am not looking for help streaming music to headphones from my computer or cell phone. I would be using headphones instead of the full Sonos system to watch TV or play a movie (e.g., to avoid waking the whole family at night). Any thoughts from you or the community would be helpful.


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