Wired or Wireless for Older Sonos Devices?

  • 2 October 2019
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I have older Sonos devices with a Bridge.
I am wondering if I can/should remove the Bridge and run on my house WiFi.

First: definitions - Sonos uses strange terminology to say what it is doing
"Wireless" means use the house's WiFi (NO Sonos separate WiFi)
"Wired" means use the Sonos's separate Wifi

I have many Sonos devices hard wired to my house network and some are not.
All devices show WM:0 in Sonos settings so they are connecting through the Sonos WiFi
All devices also show IP addresses from my house network (some hard wired and some via house WiFi)

Can I remove the Sonos WiFi with my older Sonos devices?
Should I?


ZP: x.x.x.91 - ZonePlayer?

Bridge - hardwired Ethernet ip x.x.x.93
hardware version, series id: X999, WM: 0

Connect Amp - hardwired Ethernet x.x.x.89 - backyard
hardware version, series id: P100, WM: 0

Playbar - hardwired Ethernet x.x.x.97 - family room tv
hardware version, Series id A100, WM: 0
Connect Amp - hardwired Ethernet x.x.x.96 - family room tv rear surround bonded 5.1
hardware version, Series id C100, WM: 0
Sub - wireless x.x.x.94 - family room tv sub bonded 5.1
hardware version, Series id A100, WM: 0

Playbar - wireless x.x.x.91 - second tv
hardware version, Series id A100, WM: 0
Note that x.x.x.91 is listed as the ZP - does this mean that this device is acting as ZonePlayer?

Play 5 - wireless x.x.x.88
hardware version, Series id P100, WM: 0

Play 5 - wireless x.x.x.81
hardware version, Series id P100, WM: 0

I also have a high-end mesh wifi system that has very good wifi coverage throughout the entire house and yard.

So it seems redundant to me for the Sonos to be running it's own wifi

Thank you!


PS: I am a software engineer so I hopefully provided all of the technical information required.

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2 replies

I would just remove the Bridge from your setup, if you aren't currently having any network issues. It's redundant since you already have other devices hard wired to the router. This is assuming those devices are connected to the main router and not one of the satellites in your mesh setup.
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I'd remove the Bridge too as it is likely redundant. You can look at your Network Matrix with it powered up and powered down to see if it is being used and how things change with and without it.

Substitute your IP for mine (not the Bridge though as it doesn't support this)