windows 10 Sonos controller no longer recognizes an existing Sonos system

The windows 10 Sonos controller no longer recognizes an existing Sonos system (2 play 5 players) after installing a new router / password. The android app works recognizes the players though.

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Even after rebooting the computer? (Alternatively you could simply disable/enable the network connection.)
The computer has been rebooted several times. And the network connection has also been disabled and enabled several times
What model is the new router?
How is the Sonos system connected to the network?
How is the computer connected to the network?
How is the Android connected to the network?
The router is the Netgear Orbi RBK23. The Sonos system is connected to the router. The computer and android device are connected to the Neatgear router.
Do you still have your original router?
Yes I do
Unless you've deliberately put the Orbi into 'bridge mode' you now have two routers installed. This will be splitting your network into two subnets. Sonos controllers and players must be on the same subnet.
The original router is no longer connected to the network.
Is the Sonos system actually wired to the network via one of the players, or is it operating in 'wireless' (WiFi) mode?
Is the PC wired or wireless?
one is wired and the other one is operating in WiFi
the play 5 players
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Make sure the new WiFi network is marked as Private, not Public.
The network is marked as Private.
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@HoiHoi, verify that your computer are both connected to the same wifi network. Both should be connected to the wifi network generated from your orbi router.

Also verify that your modem is not also generating a wifi signal (some are dual modem/routers), and if it is, turn it off. The only device that should be directly wired to your modem is the orbi itself. If you have a Sonos device wired to the modem, disconnect it and reconnect it to the Orbi router.
The android device and the computer are connected to the same wifi network
On the android device the Sonos app works - both play 5 speakers work with the controller
One play 5 is wirconnected to the Orbi satelite - the other play 5 speaker is wifi
If I disconnect
The modem is directly wired to the modem. And has been turned off many times
On the windows 10 computer nothing works - the Sonos application is garbage - it constantly is in some sort of a loop after not recognizing the Sonos speakers. The application instructions are completely useless
Why does it work on Android and no on my computer? They are both on the same network.
In the past I had no problems on my computer with the Sonos controller.
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HoiHoi: If you are still having troubles, I think it would be best to give our support team a call to have a look at this in real time. They are able to set up a remote session and get this sorted since they are able to see how the data is being routed along the network.