Wifi Set up on Sonos

  • 30 June 2020
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I can’t find my network in choose a network and I have an Ethernet cable attached to the speaker from router I’m temporarily living in a rental and have a new network.  I’ve reset speaker and have been working on connecting the speaker for 3 days.  I’m seriously reconsidering the value of Sonos. Should a change of networks be this frustrating?  I’m ready to throw out the speaker 

3 replies

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Please make sure your new network is broadcasting 2,4 GHz. Some networks have 2,4 GHz deactivated and only broadcast 5 GHz, which Sonos cannot connect to.

Usually a wired connection is more stable than wifi, so you could consider keeping it wired and not on wifi.  

You may find this link helpful:

Thank you, but my router is in the basement and my family room is upstairs which is where I wanted to use  Sonos 

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Also check that your router is set to support 2.4 GHz WiFi B/G as some new units don’t come preset to that mode.